The indispensible guide for players of the 7th Sea Roleplaying Game. $ U.S.A. A E G 70 0 1. Andre Malone-Mahdi (order #). Political Boundaries. 7th Sea is a "swashbuckling and sorcery"-themed tabletop role-playing game (RPG) set in the 7th Sea Player's Guide: The basic core rulebook for the game. nation can be found in the Théah chapter of the two core rulebooks: the 7th Sea Players' Guide and the 7th Sea Game. Masters' Guide. Avalon.


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Some people felt that the later supplements were unbalanced and broke the mood of the game. After poor sales of the three Swashbuckling Adventure d20 books, a series of hybrid books were published which supported both systems.


Alderac no longer publishes books for the system [2]: It contains information on character creation and the basic rules system.

Much of the book is information on the world that is superseded by the nation books. However it does also have a 7th sea players guide of rules systems for the Game Master, such as chases and poisons.

7th Sea (role-playing game) - Wikipedia

Archived from the original PDF on This book was a free supplement designed 7th sea players guide fill in the gap between the first and second printing of the two core rulebooks. The second printing contained quite a few additions, which are provided here for those with the first printing.

The Nation Books[ edit ] Each of these books details a particular nation, 7th sea players guide the culture and potential characters to be found there. There is also a lot of detail on the various non-player characters NPCs that can be found in the country as well as their secrets.

The Pirate Nations Details the selection of pirate captains roaming the seven seas.

This was the first book to go out of print, but mainly because the information in this book is superseded and repeated in Waves 7th sea players guide Blood.

Avalon This country is much like England. It has a strong ' Arthurian ' feel and the land is also populated with strange creatures of the Fay.

Montaigne 7th Sea's version of pre-revolutionary France. It includes detail on the noble families and life in the corrupt courts of the time of the Sun King.

Eisen The mud soaked 7th sea players guide war scarred version of Germany during the Thirty Years' War is detailed here.


It also contains a wide 7th sea players guide of new sword schools. Castille This country is much like Spain during the Reconquista and ruled by a boy-king. The book contains additional information on the Vaticine church and the lost Fire sorcerers.


Politics and poison are the order of the day here; this book expands on the rules for poison and Sorte. Ussura One of the most 7th sea players guide forgotten countries, Ussura is much like feudal Russia.

The politics and areas of this vast country are detailed here along with expanded notes on Pyerem shapechanger sorcery.

7th Sea (role-playing game)

The Vendel are much like the Dutch traders of the Renaissance or the Hanseatic Leagueand they live next door 7th sea players guide the old guard of Nordic Vikings. The tensions between the two groups are fully detailed here.

Secret society books[ edit ] 7th Sea 7th sea players guide also full of secret societies. Each of these books expands the information found in the Gamesmaster's book and adds several new abilities and schools for player characters.

Rilasciare An order of revolutionaries in several different shapes and sizes.