Assaig a nota79 Armando's Rhumba-Chick Corea. Armando's rhumba - piano solo. marcel. 【armando s rhumba】jazz latin standard piano solo instagram →shingosegawa subscribe チャンネル登録. For his own performances, Corea reached into his past for two solo piano favorites, "Children's Song #10" and "Armando's Rhumba," as well as.


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For instance, say we have an E7 chord and my approach would be to play a mixolydian type of sound over the chord. When we analyze Chick's line over E7 we discover that his approach over the E7 is an altered sound, not a mixolydian sound, and somehow he's thinking F melodic minor over E7.

When we explore further, we armandos rumba piano solo that F melodic minor equals E7 altered and he's using this as a substitution. On the other hand, if you understand why that lick worked, then a new a set of rules apply and the original lick becomes a launching armandos rumba piano solo for many more.

Armando's rumba on

Now when you see E7 altered, try fitting in some F melodic minor lines. Some melodies are within the standard chord change and their beauty is articulated through an outstanding order of armandos rumba piano solo. You'll also notice Dim.

Armandos rumba piano solo made special note of this because a diminished approach to playing over a dominant chord is quite different than a mixolydian or altered approach. The Blues means the soloist is playing some form of the blues scale, overriding the actual chord change at hand.

Armando's Rhumba - Bass

In the key of C this would be: The great improvisers know just the right mix of playing within the chord change and then floating over it all with the Blues approach.

My views about what the soloist was thinking may not match yours.


This shouldn't be a major issue. What is important is that you see how the improvisers come up with melodies which can't always be labeled "legal" according to armandos rumba piano solo harmony.

Part of the magic lies in breaking the rules elegantly.

Chick Corea: At 70, Still Young At Heart | WBUR News

In some of the piano transcriptions I've periodically listed chords or parts of chords along with the single lines. These were included because I was curious armandos rumba piano solo to what the improviser was using to make the chord sound a certain way.

Score Exchange has two methods to display previews of music: Both have advantages and disadvantages: You should be able to view music on all modern web browsers armandos rumba piano solo most mobile devices.

Even if your device does not support javascript you should still be able to preview at least page one of the music. You do not need to install any additional software to use seView.

This resulted in both a armandos rumba piano solo album, entitled Returns, and a concert DVD. InCorea was busy from the start.


He delivered a trio recording on Concord in January entitled Further Explorations; his sidemen were Eddie Gomez and Paul Motian both members of various Evans ensembles.

In the summer ofCorea debuted his new electric band with the album The Vigil. The armandos rumba piano solo three-disc Trilogy was recorded live at stops all over the world and, with bassist Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade, appeared in I decided to armandos rumba piano solo it out here and be done with it.

It sounds right just the way it is, just a fleeting