CDC supports national events like HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in order to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among specific populations and. A discussion of the history and development of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic, and a survey of ongoing research and treatment efforts. Public Awareness HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and it is the virus that causes AIDS. Part of CDC's Act Against AIDS initiative, Let's Stop HIV Together, raises awareness that we all have a role to play in stopping HIV stigma. When we support.


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Such perceptions also explain the case made by World Bank 21 that PLWHA in rural areas and less developed countries are sometimes denied access to public transport, swimming in public pools, fetching water from public standpipes, engaging in contact sports, and other activities that involve physical awareness of hiv and aids.


However, as information on the virus became available over the years such misconceptions have become less commonplace. Attention must also be paid to studies like that of Awareness of hiv and aids 23 that have also unearthed unproven allegations of persons bewitching others with the virus or suffering from the virus as a result of a punishment for offending some spirits.

Instead of getting attention awareness of hiv and aids voluntary counseling and testing centers, hospitals, and other commissioned bodies, PLWHAs as well as persons suspected to be infected awareness of hiv and aids sent to prayer camps for the virus to be exorcised. This not only increases victimization and stigmatization but also increases the risk of infecting church members, family, and friends as well as other victims in these prayer or witch camps.

Rather, it supports medically approved ways including but not limited to the use of anti-retrovirals and regenerative health practices as the sanctioned means of managing the disease in order to prolong the life of infected persons, reduce the risk of transmission, and increase the quality of life of PLWHAs and their families.

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This may explain why As put by one respondent: They mostly come and give their testimonies and thanks-offering to God in church after being cured. They accused these pastors and traditional priests of conniving with hired people to give those testimonies in order to ensnare unsuspecting victims.

This is because persons with the virus show symptoms not of AIDS but of the opportunistic infections like tuberculosis that they suffer as a result of the deficiency in their immune system. Physically assessing their behaviors awareness of hiv and aids well as change in their bodies cannot be used in any instance as a means of detecting the absence or presence of the virus in any individual.


These persons are more likely to stigmatize those who exhibit any form of chronic ailment or who lose weight significantly as an HIV positive patient. Further, as expressed in the previous sections, awareness of hiv and aids persons are more at risk because of the tendency to relate carelessly with seemingly healthy looking persons who may be infected.

Though knowing your status cannot directly prevent infection from the virus, knowing your status is the key step in making decisions on your health. In other words, knowing your status means that you could make choices that can prevent persons around you from contracting the virus that is, if you are infected or the awareness of hiv and aids to live healthily to prolong your life.


It is therefore not surprising that This confirms the Ghana AIDS Commission campaign message that merely awareness of hiv and aids negative once in your life does not necessarily mean that your HIV status will always remain negative.

Rather, the tests must be continuous in so far as you engage in any form of risky behaviors.

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In contrast awareness of hiv and aids, The study also unearthed a worrying fact that some SHS girls, even though aware of the likelihood of contracting the virus through unprotected sex, were still reluctant to use condoms and other forms of protection for various reasons.

The efficacy of condoms in preventing HIV transmission is also hotly debated, even among those without strong religious convictions. The counterargument is that, since the only options to condom use are total sexual abstinence and having only one sexual partner which are not realistic options for many youth and awareness of hiv and aidscondom use must be actively promoted.

Acknowledgments We would like to thank study participants and the staff of West Africa Senior High School for their participation in this study. Footnotes The authors report no conflicts of interest in this work.


Report for January —December Accessed March 2. Dehne KL, Riedner G. Sexually transmitted infections among adolescents: