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Information Technology is today a well-known matter. IT began to assume greater acceptability in this country from the middle of the nineties.

Computer Magazines List Bangladesh

The first computer in Bangladesh erstwhile East Bangla computer magazine was installed at the atomic energy centreDhaka of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission in The main use of the machine was resolving complicated mathematical calculations in different research works.

In the sixties rapid expansion of bank and insurance as well as trade and commerce including scientific research at both home and abroad increased manifold the volume of routine accounting works which necessitated rapidness in this job.

In many of the big organisations, maintenance of accounts manually became almost impossible. During this bangla computer magazine a number of big organisations of the country set up costly Mainframe Computer.


These computers belonging to the 3rd generation Mainframe type were mainly used bangla computer magazine entire accounting works of these banks. A Mainframe computer was also installed at Adamjee Jute Mills during the same period.

Computer magazine in Bangladesh - Bangla and English

Before independence, inclusion of computer hardware and software related courses in the curricula of Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics and Electronics at university level education began, though in a limited way. After independence computerisation process in this country got bangla computer magazine new spurt.


In this manner bangladesh bureau of statistics played an bangla computer magazine role. The development of computerisation process in this organisation still continues and different powerful computers and other ultra modern IT equipment of subsequent generations have since been installed there.

This Computer Centre has been playing a pioneering role in imparting computer education in Bangladesh and disseminating computer technology in the country. The invention of microprocessor by the Intel Corporation of the United States in brought about a revolution in the shape and capability of computer.

bangla computer magazine

Microprocessor based computers started to appear in the markets. Later on high-powered microprocessors began to evolve one after another alongside powerful PCs.

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This brought about revolutionary changes in their prices and their uses also bangla computer magazine. On the other hand Apple Computer Incorporate also released in the market Apple-Macintosh computer evolved by them. But the Apple did not adopt any liberal policy in making their compatible computer and hence the price of Macintosh computer remained very high that precluded it from achieving expected popularity.

Nevertheless, due to some special practical privileges Apple-Macintosh were widely used particularly in printing industries. PCs became easily available due to bangla computer magazine easy use and cheapness in price.

Computer - Banglapedia

As a result, use of PCs started to bangla computer magazine in Bangladesh mainly since the last part of the eighties, especially in education and business concerns. However, wider use of computer in Bangladesh accelerated from the mid-nineties.

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Bangla computer magazine of Bangla software' Bangla writing in computer was first materialised in and an engineer namely Mainul Islam deserved the claim of this success. He managed to write Bangla in Apple-Macintosh computer using his self-evolved font 'Mainulipi'.

In this pursuit the conventional English keyboard was used without using any separate keyboard bangla computer magazine Bangla. The difference in type and form of Bangla and English alphabets bangla computer magazine the problems relating to Bangla conjunct letters were solved using the advantage of four layer keyboard of Macintosh.

Two more Bangla font, namely 'Shahidlipi' and 'Jabbarlipi' were evolved immediately after Mainulipi.