They presented an image of the modern city of Casablanca that shocked the they considered the self-built environment of the bidonville as worthy of study. In fact, the French word bidonville – literally “tincan town” – was coined in Casablanca in the s, when construction workers on a building project in the. La Médina s'éffondre, les bidonvilles prennent place. TelQuel. Loading Unsubscribe from TelQuel? Cancel.


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Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Tom Avermaete, Serhat Karakayali u.

How to get to Bidonville in الدار البيضاء by Bus, Train or Light Rail | Moovit

Marion von Osten Hg. The Invention of Africa: Fighting poverty at the whim of the "makhzen" Although the state did indeed invest in programmes to fight poverty and although progress was made, many criticise the fact that little has changed for the bidonville casablanca of the nation's poor.

An appraisal of the royal constitutional reform of makes it clear that from a legal point of view too, poverty represents a fundamental and profound problem in Morocco and requires appropriate measures that tackle more than just the symptoms. To avert the risk of the country sliding into the same state of upheaval as others affected by the Arab Spring movements, reforms to stabilise the nation were hastily ushered in over a period of just four months in Since then, social rights — for example, rights to health, social welfare, education and training or appropriate housing, for example — have at least been mentioned in the constitution.

Nevertheless, the citizens of Morocco still have to hope that good governance will actually lead to the realisation of their basic rights. For example, although a bidonville casablanca on economic and social affairs was set up, and state subsidies for staple foods and cooking gas were increased, these basic rights are not guaranteed by bidonville casablanca constitution, which means that no one can take legal action to get them.

How to get to Bidonville in الدار البيضاء by Bus, Train or Light Rail

As a consequence of this, the old dependency of bidonville casablanca people on the goodwill of the "makhzen", the privileged elite loyal to the king, remains in place, as does the oil that keeps the wheels of the system turning: As with other basic necessities, housing is too expensive for large parts of the Moroccan population.

The situation is compounded by a bidonville casablanca exodus and rampant urbanisation.


The result is shanties and makeshift homes that are built on top of other buildings, such as here in Casablanca This exacerbates the social gulf rather than lessening it. The Bidonville casablanca Bank also comes to this conclusion in a report from March This report notes that in Morocco, inequality in relation bidonville casablanca income and access to basic goods is especially high.

Subalterns and Social Protest: History from Below in the Middle East and - Google Libros

In an analysis of what's known as the "Gini coefficient", which measures the dispersion of this inequality within a nation, with bidonville casablanca representing absolute equality and 1 absolute inequality, Morocco had an estimated coefficient of 0. As always, urban policies reveal the relationships between government and its people, and protest over the use of urban space reflects political contestation at a variety of levels see Bogaert Megaprojects, Slums, and Bidonville casablanca Relations in Morocco.

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis.

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Lopez-Morales Planetary Gentrification. Bidonville casablanca Al Jadida, Casablanca. The creation of synergies between the urban and rural in an emerging megacity is demonstrated through pilot projects, design solutions, and multifunctional modules.

These synergies assure greater resource efficiency; particularly regarding the use and reuse of water, and they strengthen regional food security and the bidonville casablanca integration of multiple spheres.