SYNTHESIS OF PHOSPHOLIPIDS. 1. Metabolism of phospholipids; 2. • Phospholipids are a specialized group of lipids performing a variety of. PHOSPHOLIPID BIOSYNTHESIS. Thomas S. Moore, Jr. Department of Botany, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION. This chapter discusses the biosynthesis of phospholipids, which consists of (1) the basic pathways leading to de novo formation of phospholipid and (2) special.


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Food technology[ edit ] Phospholipids can act biosynthesis of phospholipids emulsifiersenabling oils to form a colloid with water. Phospholipids are one of the components of lecithin which is found in egg-yolks, as well biosynthesis of phospholipids being extracted from soy beansand biosynthesis of phospholipids used as a food additive in many products, and can be purchased as a dietary supplement.

Lysolecithins are typically used for water-oil emulsions like margarine, due to their higher HLB ratio. See table below for an extensive list.

Phospholipids belong to the group of conjugated fats, containing sugar alcohol or complex amino alcohol, fatty acid, phosphoric acid and nitrogenous base.

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They may be classified as follows: In these compounds there are 1 molecule of phosphoric acid, 2 molecules of fatty acids, 1 molecule of glycerol and 1 molecule biosynthesis of phospholipids nitrogenous base choline or ethanolamine. The examples are lecithin and kephalin or cephalin.


The human body can synthesise phospholipids under suitable conditions provided all other constituents are available. The evidence is as follows: Liver can easily synthesise phospholipids. As a matter of fact large amounts of phospholipids are daily synthesized by the biosynthesis of phospholipids from the intermediate products of fat oxidation.

The lipotropic action reduction of fat content of choline on liver is due to the fact that choline helps in converting neutral fat into phospholipids lecithin. In this form the fat becomes highly diffusible, easily passes out of liver and thus the liver fat is reduced.

It biosynthesis of phospholipids indicated that the phospholipids are normally synthesised in the liver. Phospholipids are also synthesized inside the intestinal epithelium during the absorption of fat.

Phospholipids: Synthesis & Functions | Lipids | Living Organisms | Biology

The fact that all tissues contain a constant amount of phospholipids, having a characteristic composition which indicates that the cells of the different tissues can, at biosynthesis of phospholipids to some extent, synthesise their own phospholipids locally. Synthesis of Lecithin Phosphatidyl Choline: In the first step phosphate ester of choline phosphoryl choline is formed out of choline and ATP.

Then a diglyceride combines with the phosphoryl choline part of cytidine diphosphate choline to form lecithin phosphatidyl choline and cytidine monophosphate CMPthe latter is rephosphorylated by ATP and thus reconverted to CTP.

Diglycerides are formed from the glycerol in the biosynthesis of phospholipids, intestine and adipose tissue.

Phospholipid - Wikipedia

The glycerol may be absorbed in the intestine as such or formed in the body from fructose biosynthesis of phospholipids. The phosphatidic acid is then hydrolysed by phosphatase with the formation of Ddiglyceride Fig.

Reaction for the synthesis of cephalin is mostly analogous to those for the synthesis of lecithin. The serine may be formed from glycine or may come from biosynthesis of phospholipids dietary source Fig.

The sphingomyelin contains fatty acids, phosphoric acid, choline and a complex amino alcohol sphingol or sphingosine.

Phospholipid Biosynthesis - AOCS Lipid Library

The synthesis of sphingosine has been biosynthesis of phospholipids in brain tissue. The first step in biosynthesis of phospholipids synthesis of sphingosine is the reduction of palmityl CoA to the palmityl aldehyde. Diacylglycerol is used in the subsequent biosynthetic pathways for phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine, which will be discussed in following sections.

Diacylglycerol is also the precursor to the main storage form of energy, triacylglycerol. The second method whereby phosphatidic acid is used to synthesize additional phospholipids utilizes cytidine triphosphate CTP as an energy source and creates a CDP-diacylglycerol molecule.

Overall, this mechanism allows for the replacement of the phosphate group of phosphatidic acid by other phosphate functional groups to form phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylglycerol or cardiolipin also known as diphosphatidylglycerol.