Bob Anderson was born in in Fullerton, California and is a graduate of Bob and Jean first published their book Stretching in and in four years sold. Stretching: Pocket Book Edition by Jean Anderson, , available at By (author) Jean Anderson, By (author) Bob Anderson. Find great deals on eBay for Stretching Bob Anderson in Books About Nonfiction. Shop with yg Stretching by Bob & Jean Anderson Paperback. $


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If you only buy one stretching book, this is a great choice.

For a book with human illustrations rather than the sketches that this one has see: Complete Stretching has less text, which makes it easier to read, but the explanations are still bob jean anderson stretching. They make it the why and how abundantly clear.

Stretching Bob Anderson: Books | eBay

In addition, Complete Stretching is based on 3, years of refining technique. Anyone that is looking for a comprehensive stretching manual Shelves: It is really useful for anybody that wants to increase their flexibility.

There are two different ways to access information in the book, both bob jean anderson stretching which are very useful. Inat the age of 23, Bob began a personal bob jean anderson stretching fitness program, since he felt he was overweight and out of shape.

He changed his diet, started eating less, and began running and cycling.


His weight went from to pounds bob jean anderson stretching a period of time, and he soon was in much better physical condition. One day, while in a conditioning class in college, he discovered he could not reach much past his knees in a straight legged sitting position.

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After discovering how tight he was, Bob started stretching. In several months he became much more bob jean anderson stretching he found that stretching made running, cycling and other activities easier and more enjoyable and that it eliminated most of the muscular soreness that usually accompanies strenuous physical exertion.

After several years of exercising and stretching with Jean and a small group of friends, Bob gradually developed a method of stretching that could be taught to anyone. Soon he was teaching his technique to others.

He began with professional sports teams: He traveled around the country for years, teaching stretching to people at sports medicine clinics, athletic clubs, and running camps. In the s, Bob bob jean anderson stretching a serious mountain runner and road biker.

Stretching by Bob Anderson, illustrated by Jean Anderson | pagesofjulia

For ten years in a row he ran the Catalina Island Marathon in southern California, the mile Imogene Pass run in Telluride, Colorado which goes up over a 13,foot-high ridgeand the Pike's Peak Marathon. These days Bob spends most of his workout time on a mountain bob jean anderson stretching and hiking in the mountains above his house bob jean anderson stretching Colorado, often going for 35 hour bike rides in the mountains, with occasional trips to Nevada.

Though Bob works out a lot, he knows that training like this is not necessary for the average person to be fit. Through his travels, lectures, and workshops, he's kept in constant touch with people in all degrees of physical condition.