Fiction. Translated from the French by Paul Knobloch. Originally published in "In the Exopotamian desert, where hepatrols blossom and children collect. Autumn in Peking by Boris Vian, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. autumn in peking by boris vian - thewordyrose - register free to download files | file name: autumn in peking by boris vian pdf autumn in peking by boris vian.


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About this product Synopsis "Autumn in Peking" takes place in an imaginary desert called Exopotamie, where a train station and a railway line are under construction. Homes are destroyed to lay the lines, which turn out to lead nowhere.

The Wonderful World of TamTam Books: 'Autumn in Peking" by Boris Vian (TamTam Books)

In part a satire on the reconstruction of postwar Paris, Vian's novel boris vian autumn in peking conjures a darker version of "Alice in Wonderland. But nevertheless Vian was a great songwriter, playwright, singer, jazz critic and, of course novelist so it should have been Boris instead of Jack.

The story takes place in the imaginary desert called Exopotamie where all the leading characters take part in the building of a train station with tracks that go nowhere.

It's not unusual for a character who has had his hip broken in five places to exclaim, "If you only knew how happy I am! With a slapstick exuberance reminiscent of the Marx Brothers, this novel is much more fun to read than countless other modern experiments in narrative form.

At its end, all that's left are ruined romances, several dead or vanished characters, and a renewed plan to start up the railroad project again with a different set of workers. It's all completely devoid of purpose, but Vian provides exactly the kind of pleasurable and surprising purposelessness that art is boris vian autumn in peking to offer.

Boris Vian. Autumn in Peking. - Free Online Library

Vian was engineer, and I suppose that he knew the foundations of theoretical physics. That is the same as with Douglas Adams oder Robert Musil.


Velocity depending of the place and a bus ride ending in infinity, a desert, and a driver that keeps to the schedule with probality. That is why some metapherns seem boris vian autumn in peking be absurd, but they are not, they are formed by scientific models.

I was sustained at first and rewarded throughout by the way that Vian animates things in playful and unexpected ways: It was hot there, and refusing to listen to Angel, who wanted to pull back, the gaze decided to do its own thing and move further on up.

Its cadaver remained there until the girl ran her hand over her skirt and unknowingly knocked it to the ground when she stood up several minutes later.