Peter Grimes is an opera by Benjamin Britten, with a libretto adapted by Montagu Slater from In addition, the Four Sea Interludes, consisting of the first, third, fifth and second interludes from the opera, were published separately (as Op. 33a). Despite reports that Benjamin Britten paced nervously at the back of the Sadler's Wells Theatre when Peter Grimes was first performed, this work is now. Painting (c) Brian Hogwood Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes for orchestra, Opa (Spring , Britten aged 30) 1 Dawn 2 Sunday.


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Gradually, the chorale distends, a dull throb generating fearsome surges, trumpet and xylophone intensifying the luminous splashes.


Threatening phrases rise chromatically [B], and, on the first return of [A], Britten seems to quote the Sturmisch bewegt of Britten sea interludes Fifth. Bluster substitutes for originality, until the arrival of [D]: This music returns to end the opera, nature's eternal patterns indifferent to the human suffering that has been depicted.

[Britten - Four Sea Interludes, From 'Peter Grimes'] notes by Paul Serotsky

The second interlude "Sunday Morning" prefaces act two with extroverted, brightly rhythmic tolling as the community gathers for worship. Britten isn't interested in picturesque "nature painting. This is especially apparent britten sea interludes the fourth interlude "Storm"which doubles as a scene change in the opera's first act.

Britten grows ever stronger as a composer in nocturnal scenes, and Moonlight captures the waves moving slowly but ceaselessly in a near-perfect blend of romance and regret, the latter expressing britten sea interludes newly tragic plight in which Grimes finds himself.


The concert ending is fire and brimstone, the Storm collapsing in a heap like an overrun sea wall. As a concert suite the Four Sea Interludes work perfectly, a series of detailed pictures that introduce both the opera and its composer. Britten sea interludes this is indeed your first listen to Britten, you will know at this point britten sea interludes there is going to be more!

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Perhaps the best of the modern versions, though, is led by the much missed Vernon Handley, who conducts the Ulster Orchestra in a recording where you can more or less feel the spray!

While a dance is going on, Mrs Sedley tries to convince the authorities that Grimes is a murderer, but britten sea interludes no avail. Ellen and Captain Balstrode confide britten sea interludes each other: Grimes has disappeared, and Balstrode has discovered a jersey washed ashore: Mrs Sedley overhears this, and with the knowledge that Grimes has returned, she is able to instigate another mob.

Singing "Him who despises us we'll destroy", the villagers go off in search of Grimes. The sixth interlude, not included in the Sea Interludes, britten sea interludes the change of scene.

While the chorus can be heard searching for him, Grimes appears onstage, singing a long monologue sparsely accompanied by cries from the off-stage chorus, and a fog horn represented by a solo britten sea interludes John's death has seemingly shattered Grimes's sanity.

Apropos of the "Storm" Interlude, which Britten was asked to lengthen for practical reasons, the composer remarked that it was "like someone britten sea interludes came to an architect when he had just finished building a cathedral, gave him a huge slab of stone, and said, 'Here, you must find room for this.