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Based on the results of biochemical tests performed on minus 1 -1 week, and on the results of capillary glycemia during the first week of the study week zeropharmacological treatment and orientations about diet were defined on visit zero; then, the doctor only performed a new evaluation after six weeks.

In the first and the final visit, the same parameters were analyzed in calculo 2 para leigos groups. Participants were told to keep their arms along their calculo 2 para leigos, in the supine position, with the heels lined up on the surface of the scale, and the head position based on Frankfurt plane.

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The measurement was the midpoint between the last rib and the iliac crest. For obese patients, when it was not calculo 2 para leigos to locate the extremity of the rib or the iliac crest, the measurement was based on the umbilical scar.


The patient was told to breathe normally in order to avoid muscle contraction with calculo 2 para leigos breath. Patients in the IG group repeated these procedures for seven weeks, while the ones in the CG took measurements during the first week week zero and the week before the last evaluation week six.

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On the three days prior to the visit, patients were asked to fast for the tests two hours after breakfast, before lunch, two hours after lunch, before dinner and two hours after dinner. Patients on insulin performed an additional test during the night from calculo 2 para leigos to four a.

Glucometers with records concerning glycemia were analyzed at the end of week zero, on week six in the CG, and weekly in the IG. Fasting glycemia and glycated hemoglobin HbA1C Plasmatic levels of glucose were defined during fast by calculo 2 para leigos oxidase glucose test.

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Microalbinuria determination Microalbinuria was defined in isolated samples calculo 2 para leigos the first morning urine, collected at the end of weeks zero and six with the immunoturbidimetry method, with Dade-Behring reagents in Cobas Mira Plus equipment - Roche Diagnostics, USA.

Determination of the estimated glomerular filtration rate GFR was determined by the estimated plasmatic creatinine clearance, which is calculated by the Cockcroft- Gault formula. Calculo 2 para leigos the day, AP values were recorded every 15 minutes, and every 20 minutes during the night.

Each patient learned about the device and about how to fill in the form to report relevant data, such as: Results were demonstrated in mean and standard- deviation.

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Two patients in the CG were excluded due to intercurrences during follow-up. Since the objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of glycemic control over BP and Calculo 2 para leigos, the six patients in the CG and the 21 patients in the IG who reached glycemic control were included in a group called "with glycemic control".

The two formed subgroups, "with glycemic control" and "without glycemic calculo 2 para leigos, were not different as to medications used for glycemic control and BP.


Even though they haven't reached the means of glycemic control, means of HbA1C were lower in the two last subgroups. Regardless of reaching glycemic control after six weeks, these patients had significantly reduced albuminuria, as demonstrated in Figure 2; in this group, urinary albumin excretion decreased from At analyzing the glycemic variability calculo 2 para leigos these patients, a significant reduction was observed: In this study, we observed it is possible to obtain glycemic control in a short period of time.

The six or seven-point glycemic profile was daily performed for three days, every week, as in this study, which enabled the estimation of WMG and the analysis of daily changes in glycemia that occur with meals calculo 2 para leigos in between.

This leads to the adjustment of conduct to prevent episodes of hyper or hypoglycemia, together with the patient.

Relevant Facts

HbA1C is gold-standard to evaluate long-term glycemic control. HbA1C, however, is not that useful to point out which changes in pharmacological or nutritional therapy would be more adequate; it also does not enable the calculo 2 para leigos of the results calculo 2 para leigos such changes in the short-term.

It was also observed that with the determinations in the glycemic profile, the patient gets a clearer interpretation of results, and such simplification allows the patients to better understand the changes that should take place in the treatment.

Thus, intensive control of glycemia and BP are the most efficient strategies to prevent and treat DN. Hyperfiltration in DM2 has been associated with the higher decline rate of glomerular filtration, when compared to diabetic patients with normal values in a period of five years, according to Silverio et al.