Hueso liviano y esponjoso que se encuentra entre las cavidades oculares y forma parte de las cavidades nasales. • Hueso esfenoides. Hueso que une todos. SINOMARIN NIÑOS LIMPIEZA NASAL ML: : Beauty. nasal en bebés y niños y para eliminar el exceso de moco de las cavidades nasales. ARTIGO ORIGINAL. Tumores malignos da cavidade nasal: avaliação por tomografia computadorizada. Malignant tumors of nasal cavity: computed tomography.


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Prolonged use of nasogastric tube is also described as possible causes of septal perforation 5. The presence of perforation in the postoperative results from the opposing mucoperichondrium lacerations, injury and loss of cavidades nasales the blood supply by raising the flap mucopericondral Of the patients undergoing nasal surgery, men are the most affected.

It explains that higher prevalence in males the cavidades nasales number of septoplasty in men 13, Some authors cite that the number of holes increases when it adopts the technique of Killian, characterized by submucosal resection without addressing the caudal septum.

Already in Cottle's technique, which covers the caudal septum, the most common complications are further displacement and postoperative instability The most common traumatic causes are nasal fractures, rhinoliths, foreign bodies, septal hematomas and digital manipulation repeated 1,5,7.

Chronic use cavidades nasales inhalants as irritating nasal decongestants and cocaine can lead to cartilage cavidades nasales by local vasoconstriction, cavidades nasales resultant ischemia, and also by the caustic component present in some of his compositions The use of nasal corticosteroids for the long term is also described as a causative agent of perforations 5.

Perforation of Nasal Septum: Etiology and Diagnosis

And the combination of corticosteroids and nasal decongestant seems to increase the occurrence of perforations Besides cavidades nasales aforementioned irritants, cavidades nasales described in the literature several substances related to PS: The bacterial and fungal rhinosinusitis are infectious causes of this disease.

They also come within this group, syphilis, HIV, tuberculosis, rhinoscleroma, rinoesporidiose, paracoccidioidomycosis and septal abscesses.


Still among the infectious causes are cutaneous leishmaniasis and leprosy, which still show high prevalence in Brazil, with an increasing number of cases reported in all regions 7,23, Wegener's granulomatosis and sarcoidosis are inflammatory diseases most commonly associated with septal perforation Other vascular changes and collagen, the cavidades nasales of systemic lupus erythematosus, also cause degeneration of the nasal septum.

Neoplasms should never be forgotten in the differential diagnosis of septal perforation. cavidades nasales

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The most commonly associated are squamous cell cavidades nasales, cryoglobulinemia and T-cell lymphomas 5, Diagnosis The presence of septal perforation is easily diagnosed by the otolaryngologist during his medical history and physical examination and its etiology is rarely defined.

Greater diagnostic clarification is due to follow the following steps: First, the diagnosis depends on obtaining a thorough history, noting the surgery, nasal previous treatments cavidades nasales previous use of inhaled irritants, such as cocaine 10 Table 2.

Expertos explican las cirugías a las que se sometió el futbolista Héctor Herrera |

When symptomatic, the patient presented cavidades nasales typical complaints of wheezing, crusting, nasal obstruction, rhinorrhea, nasal dryness, nasal pain and epistaxis. These complaints are mainly explained by the turbulent nasal airflow. The loss of laminar flow leads to nasal crusting at the edges of perforation, which in turn results in cavidades nasales other signs and symptoms mentioned.

The dry nose leads cavidades nasales crusting, epistaxis responsible for the subsequent odor and nasal obstruction. Wheezing is a direct consequence of air flow by drilling On physical examination, it is important to assess the presence of whitish spots cavidades nasales the skin with loss of sensation and nerve thickening, indicating a diagnosis of leprosy.

Hematoma septal nasal: MedlinePlus enciclopedia médica

On ENT examination, most often during rhinoscopy can be viewed septal perforation. The septal perforations can be classified by size into small up to1 cm cavidades nasales, medium 1 to 2cm and large greater than 2cm. The measurement of size is important not only cavidades nasales legal issue, but mainly for choosing the best therapeutic option This measurement can be done in several ways, all very simple realization.

The first is that literature deals with the measurement rule by side which is taking place rhinoscopy.

Expertos explican las cirugías a las que se sometió el futbolista Héctor Herrera

Another technique involves placement of suture to posterior margin cavidades nasales the perforation and with cavidades nasales hemostat, mark the point on the anterior margin, after performing measure with a ruler.

Finally, it can be used barium paste at the edges of perforation and, through a lateral view, define the size of perforation.

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