Central Highlands of Peninsular India. Malwa Plateau. Vindhyan Range. Vindhyachal Plateau. Satpura Range. The Chhotanagpur Plateau. Karbi-Meghalya plateau. The Peninsular Plateau of India is also named as the Plateau of Central Highlands - The northern segment of the peninsular cluster is known. Birds of the Central Indian Highlands. The Central Highlands of India are a biogeographic region in India formed by the disjunct ranges of the Satpura and Vindhya Hills. It is given the term 6A within the Deccan zone in the Rodgers and Panwar classification.


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This is an example of extrusive igneous rock. In addition, in particular spots of the zone, you will see granite, which is a category of intrusive igneous rock.

Central Highlands of Peninsular India

The dissimilarity between these two categories of rock is that basalt is created by volcanic eruption, i. Granite is a form of felsic stone, which suggests it is filled with quartz and potassium feldspar.

Central highlands of india blend is continental in its lineage it is the major blend of the continental crust. As it lost heat in a comparatively gradual manner, it features big observable crystals. In contrast, Basalt is mafic in its characteristics, which indicates it contains a good amount of pyroxene and on certain occasions, olivine.

Central India Highlands | Junglewala

Both of them are loaded with minerals like magnesium Mg and iron Fe. In terms of constitution, basalt is like mantle stones, suggesting that originated from the mantle and was not blended with the continental stones.


Basalt is produced in locations that are stretching while granite is produced primarily in locations that are having a collision. To the west of the Central Highland lies the Aravalli Range which is the oldest mountain range in India central highlands of india one of the oldest ranges in the world.

The region is famous for hard ground barasingha-ceavus duvacelli.

Birds of the Central Indian Highlands - Wikipedia

The Herbivores are represented by gaur-bosgaurus, sambhar-cervus unicolor, spotted deer cheetal-axis axis and barking deer-muntiacus muntjac. Other common faunal species are wild boar-sus scrofa, jackal-canisaurius and common langoor-presbytis antellus. This area is home to rich arifauna.

There are some of the most productive habitats for tiger and its prey species in Indian subcontinent. The Maikal hills central highlands of india the north east of the region are considered to be the connecting link between these ranges.

Central Highland of India | EdgeArticles

The general elevation of Vindhya range is between central highlands of india though few points rise above m. In contrast, the Satpuras are marked with higher elevation plateaus, the higher peak being dhoopgarh m. The average elevation of the plateau is about 2, feet m above sea level.

The surface slopes from 3, feet m in the west to 1, feet m in the east. It slopes gently from central highlands of india to east and gives rise to several peninsular rivers such as the Godavarithe Krishnathe Kaveri and the Narmadawhich drain into the Bay of Bengal.

Birds of the Central Indian Highlands

Damodar River originates here and flows through a rift valley. Damodar basin forms a trough between the Ranchi and Hazaribagh plateaus resulting from enormous fractures at their present edges, which caused the land between to sink to a great depth and incidentally central highlands of india from denudation the Karanpura, Ramgarh and Bokaro coalfields.

The plateau is covered with a variety tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forests of which Sal forest is predominant. The plateau is home to the Palamau Tiger Reserve.

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Chhotanagpur plateau is a store house of minerals like central highlands of india, bauxite, copper, limestone, iron ore and coal. The Damodar valley is rich in coal and it is considered as the prime centre of coking coal in the country. Massive coal deposits are found in the central basin spreading over 2, km2.

Karbi-Meghalya plateau Karbi-Meghalya plateau is in fact an extension of the main Indian peninsular plateau and are originally two different plateaus — Karbi Anglong plateau and Meghalya plateau.