28 day Cetes 91 day Cetes . 6/ Percentage points in addition to the day primary auction Cetes rate. 7/ Fixed rate securities denominated in pesos. These include cetes, bonos,[2] bondes, and udibonos. The Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (Instituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario or IPAB. In recent years, the relationship between the SHCP and the Banxico have operations, the Banxico may use various types of T-bonds, including Cetes, Bondes.


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Conditions at home were no better with rampant inflation, increasing capital flight, and chaos in financial and foreign exchange markets.

To confront internal cetes banxico and accommodate adverse external conditions, Mexico adjusted its consumption and output, then sought new ways to foster cetes banxico.

Mexico Government Securities: Net Repos with Banxico: CETES

The crisis and adjustment imposed great hardship and demanded enormous discipline on cetes banxico part of the government. This was accomplished without serious political or social disruption.

The Mexican Federal Treasury Certificates CETES are one of the instruments the government issues for funding, and cetes banxico return it offers an interest rate collectible at the end of a set term.

Even with this characteristic, it is important for you cetes banxico become acquainted with how CETES operate and thus be able to purchase them with the term that best suits your needs.

Consulta de Estructura de Información

This will greatly reduce the likelihood of your incurring a loss. However, and by way of example, if you invested cetes banxico a year bond and you need your money back before the bond matures, you would be forced to sell at a price that could be cetes banxico than the price you purchased it at, depending on the economic environment conditions that arise in carrying out said decision, and in which case you could, in fact, experience a loss," explains the CETES DIRECTO website.

NAFIN manages the resources.


cetes banxico When you purchase a CETE, your money goes to Nacional Financiera National Financethe institution responsible for administering same in accordance with the investment instructions you issue, in other words, the term you choose.

However, this is not cetes banxico only way to open an account.

Banco de México

You can open your account at Bansefi, and they will provide you with a kit that contains a card which will allow you to not only authenticate network operations, but also authenticate your contract or account transactions.

Currently, these bonds are traded at 3- 5- and 7-year terms. Cetes banxico interest rate paid cetes banxico these securities is determined by compounding [7] on a daily basis the rate at cetes banxico banks and brokerage firms carry out their overnight trades and repo transactions with banking instruments.

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  • II. Types of instruments and their placement

cetes banxico Today, they are issued and placed at 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 years. Bonos pay interest every six months cetes banxico, contrary to bondes, their interest rate is determined on the issue date and remains fixed all along their term.

Bonos are not fungible among themselves except if they pay the exact same interest rate.