The young New York writer Garth Risk Hallberg pulled off a major coup in The film rights to his novel, City on Fire, were picked up by the. City on Fire is a novel by Garth Risk Hallberg, published by Alfred A. Knopf. The novel takes place in New York City in the s. It is Hallberg's first. City on Fire has ratings and reviews. Andrew said: Boy, I wanted to like this Risk Hallberg is certainly a writer of exceptiona.


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Hallberg cannot inhabit his characters individually. His diction is out of control! So much so that, yes, I find the exclamation point necessary.

On almost every page he makes specific city on fire hallberg choices and digressions of description that take the reader out of the story. Hallberg does not know what to leave out. The effect is to flatter the writer, not to envelop or transport the reader.

City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg - Reading Guide -

Hallberg makes of his characters, for his characters, are frequently less than credible when considered for even a moment. As a reader, I quickly grow tired of being asked to swallow generalizations wholesale.

At times I felt like Mr. Hallberg was fulfilling a list of requirements for an ambitious novel about the 70s: The cast includes the black-sheep scion of a banking empire and his more straitlaced African-American lover; an anarchist cell and the nerdy suburban boy who is sucked into its orbit; a noble city on fire hallberg man who is the last in a long line of firework manufacturers; city on fire hallberg police detective who, debilitated by the polio he had as a child, is under pressure to retire; a disillusioned journalist; assorted punks and a malevolent, sociopathic banker.

All of these are point-of-view characters, and the breadth is impressive.

City on Fire

Few authors dare to take on such an array of personalities. Unfortunately, these disparate characters are all uncannily alike.


When the characters break into dialogue, however, they undergo a peculiar transformation. Sometimes the problem is a description that is oddly wide of the mark: Do their experiences resonate with, or remind you of, any particular time in your own city on fire hallberg, adolescence, or adulthood?

In the second Interlude, Richard writes that the enjoyment of fireworks was historically something that people shared despite class and ethnic divisions page 6 of essay.

City on Fire: Garth Risk Hallberg: : Books

Alternatively, what prejudices are exposed in the novel and what causes friction between various individuals and groups? Are these issues ever resolved?

If not, does the novel suggest how they might be? Jenny recalls that at nineteen years old she believed there were two kinds of people page Consider the theme of faith—or the absence of faith—in the novel.

Why is City on fire hallberg drawn to the Bible and why does he carry the book with him?

What particular passages or messages does he find of interest? What does Keith share about his own faith with his son, Will? Besides religious faith, what other kinds of faith are depicted or explored in the novel?

What challenges city on fire hallberg faith of the characters and do they come to any resolution? What are The Four Visions of Charlie? What do they reveal about Charlie and what he has learned?

City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

What is the vision of the future or futures that he has? Explore the motif of secrets in the novel. What are some of the secrets kept by the characters?