(or Plantae) Virtually all other living creatures depend on plants to survive. This system of classification is also called a taxonomy and usually features both. The Plant Kingdom (or Plantae Kingdom) is made up of all the plants that you see each day. Most plants are multi-cellular, meaning that they consist of many. Plant Kingdom is divided in to: (I) Thallophyta: Various types of microorganisms like algae, fungi and bacteria have been kept under it. Algae are classified in to three categories: Red, Brown and Green algae.


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The word is derived from Greek words: Unlike gymnosperms, seeds of angiosperms are enclosed inside the fruits. Angiosperms are commonly known as flowering plants. Examples include the Mango tree, pomegranate plant, etc.

Plant Kingdom - Classification and Characteristics of Plants

Seeds germinate from embryonic leaves called cotyledons. Depending on the number of cotyledons present in seeds, angiosperms are divided into two: Navigate them in your sequence of choice, and visit them as often as you'd like.

At any time, feel free to assess your comprehension of the lessons by taking short quizzes and a practice exam. Classification of plant kingdom characteristics of algae are: Vegetative, Asexual and Sexual reproduction.

It is useful in the form of food stuffs, agriculture, in trade and business, in biological research, as the fodder of domestic animals, in the form of medicines and in the formation of land.


But there are many algae which act like pollutants and contaminate the drinking water. Also, watery equipments are rottened by the algae. Celphaleuros algae produce a disease called red rust in the tea plants.

Plants are found at land and water but are amphibians like Liver warts, Horn warts, Moss etc. These plants are also autotrophic as chloroplasts are present. These plants classification of plant kingdom good absorption capacity of water and thus can be used as flood preventive measure.

Also used in stopping soil erosion. Moss plant is used as a fuel called peat classification of plant kingdom and as antiseptics. This allows them to grow almost anywhere, as long as there is enough water.

Plant Kingdom

classification of plant kingdom Since animals are not able to make their own food, they must eat plants to give them energy. Therefore, the entire animal kingdom depends on the plant kingdom.

The plant kingdom plantar kingdom is made up of the plants you see everyday. Plants within the Plant Kingdom are multicellular photoautotrophs. Photoautotrophs use photosynthesis to convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into starches for energy.

Classification of Plant Kingdom

Distinct Features of Plants In order to be a plant, an organism has to have three defining features. The first feature is that the cells that make a the organism must have a cell wall.

The only other kingdom that has organisms with cell walls is the the Fungi Kingdom. For instance, algae has no cell wall, thus it is not a plant.

Secondly, a plant must have a waxy layer on the outside skin.

This waxy outer layer is known as the cuticle.