El Cronometro C1 Book CD (Mixed media product, ) . El Cronometro C1 / The Timer: Manual de preparacion del DELE / Student's Book. EL CRONOMETRO C1 (+CD). AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Messenger Share to Viber DALE AL DELE B2 N/E. 24,07€ 26,74€. ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΤΙΚΑ ΒΙΒΛΙΑ. El Cronometro C1 / The Timer: Manual de preparacion del DELE / Student?de?ed????de??d????de??d??? Book for the DELE Preparation. Level C1 (Spanish.


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There are sections on speaking, reading, writing and listening as well as links to some very helpful material indeed. It is my pleasure to bring you a guide built from my experiences.

I made it by pasting public image of Penelope Cruz with a Spanish Flag: There cronometro dele c1 6 levels.

Preparacion al DELE C1 Spanish DELE exam simultaneous training in advanced Spanish

A1 and A2 are beginners. B1 and B2 are intermediate. And C1 and C2 are The people in the Council of Europe who researched and put the reference levels together very wisely left it all cronometro dele c1 little vague.


So, there is no defining line between one level and the next. Everything is built on general definitions of what you might expect a beginner and so on to know, not know or just struggle with.

A0- You've cronometro dele c1 have any words in the target language.

Online preparation for the DELE ®

You probably can't read a word either. A1- You can string a few sentences together- how are you? In terms of vocabulary at this level you probably have cronometro dele c1 and one thousand words in your active vocabulary that is the vocabulary you can use, not just recognise mainly in the areas of food, directions, clothes, family and other simple but incredibly useful areas.

A2- You possibly have all the vocabulary you need to survive getting a bus, checking into a hotel, asking for directions, ordering food in a restaurant At this level you probably already have a grasp of some grammar.

B1- Ah, everything the A2 has cronometro dele c1 more polished. If you have it you do use it and by gum are you frustrated most of the time.

For those who are struggling to reach a C2 level in Spanish

You can have conversations, maybe even fluent ones. You still need sympathetic listeners most of the time and you do best cronometro dele c1 one on cronometro dele c1 conversations. B2- Ok, all the levels are achievements to be proud of but at B2 you may notice that the natives stop treating completely like a foreigner and engage you in normal conversation.

The answer book comes separately, that is, costs more.


About 5 euros on top of the 20 for the book, but this is comparable to the 24 euros I paid for El Crono. Possibly you could consult one owned by a friend cronometro dele c1 your language school.

El Cronometro C1: Book + CD by Editorial Edinumen (Mixed media product, 2012)

It has a lot more exercises all the way through. I only got it four cronometro dele c1 before the exam but I could have done with more time for the exercises. Working mostly on my own with very little feedback from teachers, I appreciated having a place to record cronometro dele c1 progress and compare your results from each section of the exam over time.

An Argentine accent represented in each listening test, albeit only one poor guy they dragged in each time. It contains answer sheets at the back which you can photocopy and get used to filling in the little boxes with cronometro dele c1 pencil if you so desire.

If your alma mater is among the schools that include DELE prep as part of the overall Spanish curriculum, then cronometro dele c1 will probably want to know what dele level Spanish to study at university. Your college will provide an online placement test that usually takes less than 15 minutes cronometro dele c1 fill out, and you will know your test results immediately.

This is a low-pressure test that you should not study for, as its sole purpose is to determine your current level of Spanish and guide you and your cronometro dele c1 counsellor as to which DELE level you should sign up for at your university. When you pass the test to receive A1 DELE certification, you will be able to comprehend the everyday phrases and expressions that people use in every country and region that speaks Spanish.