Did some experiments, and seems to me that LibreOffice will always put your graphics on your page format (and I'm not sure that this is a wrong. The problem comes when I import them into my LaTeX file, i only need the picture . at on screen, and crops the whitespace around the figure, for a tight border. \includegraphics[trim = 6mm 60mm mm 18mm, clip, width=\textwidth]{tables/} %links, unten, rechts, oben.


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This can be done as follows: Press next a couple of times until you reach the page where you can choose between different manufacturers. Choose a Postscript printer, e.

Isolate each figure in its own PowerPoint document. Now you're almost done. The default crop pdf pdflatex for the boundary box for your drawing has been set to fill the whole page.

If you want to edit this, use GSView.

How to save a MATLAB graphic in a right size .pdf? - MATLAB Answers - MATLAB Central

Select your new bounding box, crop pdf pdflatex save the file as an EPS. Alternatively, if you have access to Unix, you can use "ps2epsi inputFileName outputFileName" on the command line to get it to fix the bounding box thanks to John Heidemann for the tip.


When crop pdf pdflatex a GUIe. TeXnikCenterthere is a often a button for this. If you are using packages which works only with pdflatex or want to insert png- or jpg-images, then use the package auto-pst-pdf and you can run pdflatex with PSTricks related code.

Use always dvips and then ps2pdf.

How to Convert PowerPoint Pictures for Use in LaTeX

To get all images as eps files create a document, which holds only the PSTricks images use the following template: At first I did more attempts to get acceptable results, I made some mistakes in taking the measures of the pages and many times new edges appeared in the final PDF when selected areas don't respect the A4 size proportion.

Even for the last problem, I found solution by reading this article: The requirements LaTeX with the following packages: Diagrams of any sort should be vectors. If some crop pdf pdflatex cannot save crop pdf pdflatex those formats, you may want to convert them before importing them.


Vector graphics[ edit ] Dia Dia is a cross platform diagramming utility which can export eps images, or generate tex drawn using the tikz package.

Inkscape Another program for creating vector graphics is Inkscape. There are instructions on how to save your vector images in a PDF format understood by LaTeX and have LaTeX manage the text styles and crop pdf pdflatex in the image automatically.

Select a Web Site

You may have a look at this extended example too. An extremely useful plug-in is textextwhich can import LaTeX objects.

This can be crop pdf pdflatex for inserting mathematical notation or LaTeX fonts into graphics which may then be imported into LaTeX documents. Unlike Xfig, Ipe represents LaTeX fonts in their correct size on the screen which makes it easier to place text labels at the right spot.