Cruciada copiilor (Romanian Edition) [Florina Ilis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cruciada copiilor incheie o trilogie. Primul roman al. Romanian Writers presents the book Cruciada copiilor / The Children's Crusade. The beginning of the novel gives no hint of the explosion of events that are to. Florina Ilis. Coborârea de . Florina Ilis is a member of a generation of prose writers who have gained recognition during the last few years. Cruciada copiilor.


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Coborârea de pe cruce

Polirom Translation rights sold to: Once the train sets off, however, things start to go haywire. The children, who initially display a surprising spirit of organisation, hijack the train, which no longer arrives at cruciada copiilor floriana ilis destination, as it is brought to a halt by the revolt en route.

The impression of a conspiracy is created: Dramas unfold, and the crusade does not end without victims In the struggle between children and the adult world, both sides err in equal measure. The children, in the recklessness of youth, are ignorant of the true scale of the conflict they have unleashed.

In any case, the author guides us from the outset in this respect: On the other side, the adults prove incapable of understanding the way in which cruciada copiilor floriana ilis children think, and they stand out for their extreme cruciada copiilor floriana ilis, as well as their compromises, which the children cannot accept.

However, the story does not just depend upon the main action, with its reversal of perspectives, but is, in fact, the parable of a world adrift, a parable expertly constructed and perfectly sustained for the duration of the narrative.

Florina Ilis

Top Back Excerpt from For the children to conquer the cruciada copiilor floriana ilis was by no means a mission that would be accomplished easily, which is why it had become imperative for the boys of class six to work out the soundest plan possible.

However, before anything else, and given that any plan of action gets under way through nomination of a leader, Calman had, as a first measure to ensure the success of their mission, proposed that Casimir should be nominated chief of the cruciada copiilor floriana ilis of boys, a proposal that had been unanimously accepted!

Although his previous mission had resulted in total failure, the choice of Casimir was not at all accidental. But, like an animal that gets the scent of and studies its adversary for a long while, Calman had recognised in Casimir a presence that raised him above the rest, causing all of them to pay him heed.

Contemporary Romanian Writers - Florina Ilis - Cruciada copiilor / The Children's Crusade

Of course, from the point of view of brute strength, Calman could have beaten him any day, but at that moment, his intuition was that he should cede power to him. As soon as he was acknowledged cruciada copiilor floriana ilis, Casimir began to share out the missions.

In essence, his plan was very simple. They would pull the alarm cord, which would create the diversion required in order to confuse their adversaries, and while the mechanics were remedying the situation, Calman, together with Casimir, would slip into the locomotive.

After the train was in motion, it would be the cruciada copiilor floriana ilis of the others to go into action. Bogdan, having been named strategic co-ordinator how much he could have done with a computer!

They had exchanged telephone numbers. Without much enthusiasm for what had been left in store for him, Tiberius accepted the mission more from the desire not to cruciada copiilor floriana ilis like a coward in front of Sonia, knowing that this war game would inevitably bring down even more punishments from the teachers.

No one else except that fiendish whelp would have dared to steal her grass pipe! It was upon him that the lots had fallen and there was no spell now that could extract him from the cogs that had once more set the invisible wheel of the world in motion.

That was what the old woman liked the most: Cruciada copiilor floriana ilis visions that set in during the stage that immediately followed, that of oneiric ecstasy, had on countless occasions helped her to attain a full understanding of things, leading her disembodied spirit on journeys that revealed the destinies of the people who sought her aid as sorceress.

Among the objects in the room, their form and solidity powerfully altered due to sensorial acuity exacerbated by the cigarette smoke, the sorceress was seeking Calman.

She saw his bloodstained cap, which elongated and distorted, beneath her gaze, acquiring the slithering mobility of a snake.

Cruciada copiilor (Romanian Edition): Florina Ilis: : Books

Images from her distant childhood came suddenly into her mind and, above all, the sky, the sky in all its guises, the sky which the little girl of two had glimpsed through a split in the canopy cruciada copiilor floriana ilis the wagon.

Dancing around the fire, brandy, brandy! Kindling the desires of the men, brandy, brandy!


The knives glinting, brandy, brandy! The blood flowing, brandy, brandy!