14 Dance Forms of India And Their States of Origin. Bharatnatyam. Tamil Nadu, South India. Source. Kathak. Uttar Pradesh, North India. Source. Kathakali. Kerala, South India. Manipuri. Manipur, North East India. Kuchipudi. Andhra Pradesh. Odissi. Odisha, East India. Bhangra/ Gidda. Punjab, North India. Garba. Gujarat. India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Basically Indian folk and tribal dances are simple and are performed to express joy during. Read about different dance forms of India with States that these belong bet that you would be amazed by the cultural diversity of.


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The dance symbolises a celebration of life. Usually performed around a clay lantern, the dancers honour the Goddess Durga, the feminine representation of divinity. Garba is always performed in a circle as a metaphor for the cyclic nature of time.


In modern times, the Garba that is performed is heavily influenced by the Dandiya Raas, thus giving it the high energy it is known for. The elaborate costumes of the dancers especially, women also make Garba a treat for the eyes! Ghoomar, Rajasthan Image Courtesy: The beauty of this dance is in the stunning pirouetting which go on to reveal the various gorgeous colours of the swirling dance forms of indian states.

Different Dance Forms Of India With States |

The steps of a Ghoomar dance are carefully measured, and paired with graceful inclinations. The women also clap and snap their fingers while dancing, at particular parts during the song. While the inner circle receives a strike on their sticks, the dancers forming the outer circle deliver the strike.

Parai Attam - It is a special type of dance in Dance forms of indian states Nadu. Traditionally, the dance was performed for various reasons and is one of the oldest dance forms of India.

List of Indian folk dances - Wikipedia

Karagattam - It is an ancient folk dance of Tamil Nadu. Karagattam is performed while worshipping the goddess of rain. Dancers balance huge pots on their head and dance to the tunes of musicians.

Mayil Attam - It is performed in the temples of Tamil Nadu and kerala.

Dance Your Way Through the 14 Unique Folk Dances From India

Young girls are dressed to look like peacocks and perform to the beats of the musicians. The dancers often imitate the moves of peacock.

Paampu Attam - It is performed in Tamil Nadu. This dance is performed while worshipping snakes as snakes are considered divine in this part of the country. Young girls wear clothes that resemble the skin of snakes and go about moving like snakes!

The dancers are made to look like they are riding a horse with just two legs! This is one of the most popular folk dances in Tamil Nadu.

Theyyam - It is performed in the Malabar region of kerala. South West India Image Source: Dollu Kunitha is a popular drum dance. Large drums are hung around the necks of men. The songs used in this dance usually have religious and battle fervor.

Paambhu attam or Snake Dance[ edit ] The Paambhu dance forms of indian states or dance forms of indian states arises from the popularity of the snake as a protective divinity, safeguarding the health and happiness of the rural folk.