Dennis and Gnasher is a long-running comic strip in the British children's comic The Beano, published by DC Thomson, of Dundee, Scotland. The comic stars a  Other characters‎: ‎Mr. De Testa, Claudius. Dennis the Menace is a comic strip based on the interaction of five-ana-half-year-old Dennis Mitchell with his parents, neighbors and various friends. Dennis is a. Dennis the Menace is a daily syndicated newspaper comic strip originally created, written, and illustrated by Hank Ketcham. It debuted on March 12, , in 16  Publisher(s)‎: ‎Fantagraphics Books.


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From the Archives: Dennis the Menace No. 1

Humorously, all his gifts consisted of the Beano Annual, apart from Les Pretend's which was simply a pretend annual. He later participated in several party games which he changed radically to be far more menacing but found that most of the games back-fired onto him.

The party was then finalised dennis the menace comic a large food fight and then the entrance of The Dandy characters and other celebrities who had brought over a cake as the party continued for several more hours. Dennis's parents then hid and Dennis was forced to tidy up the mess.

The same issue also showed readers how Dennis received his trademark jersey which, it reveals, was initially owned by a boy called Tufty. dennis the menace comic

After Tufty asks when someone would land on the moonto which Dennis accurately predicts 20 JulyDennis offers to dennis the menace comic him the chance right then.

He attaches his granny's homemade soda pop to Tufty, shakes him then removes each of the lids which causes Tufty to blast off and fall into a nearby lake.

Dennis the Menace by H. Ketcham, M. Hamilton & R. Ferdinand | Comics Kingdom

Dennis then grabs the jersey and puts it on remarking it 'feels right somehow! He was featured in several strips leading up to the games release depicting how he received his vehicle and races he got into prior to the games events.

This includes a rivalry with Minnie the Minx who had gotten her vehicle before him. Dennis tuned up his Menace-Mobile to make a dune buggy. Nigel Parkinson, Jimmy Hansen and Tom Paterson — [ edit ] David Parkins' workload meant he was able to draw the strip on an increasingly less frequent basis throughout his time on the strip, and after he became dennis the menace comic busy to continue as full-time artist.

Nigel Parkinson, who had previously been drawing the strip as Parkins' understudy, continued as artist, along with Jimmy Hansen coming in to replace Parkins.

The pair drew the vast majority of stories between andwhen Tom Paterson also started dennis the menace comic the strip.

Dennis the Menace

dennis the menace comic InDennis was given an extra strip towards the back of the comic, usually a continuing story across a few weeks. These strips were usually drawn by Tom Paterson.

One such story featured the illness of Gnasher's young pup, Gnipper who had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Throughout this story, Dennis and Gnasher called upon help of various past characters of the strips history before finally contacting Gnipper's many sisters who successfully managed to get him out of his coma.


Walter also changed in the strip as Dennis was given more dennis the menace comic to belittle and menace him. Instead of being camp and frilly, he was quite rude and obnoxious especially towards Dennis and his friends. However, Dennis seemed to be more of a bully than an anti-hero in this age.


InDennis was featured on the front page of a new magazine BeanoMax and was the coverstar until where he was replaced by Max, an exclusive character.

Another landmark issue was met in where The Beano turned As a celebration, Dennis was seen on the cover sharing a cake with Wallace and Gromitwhose creator was featured heavily in the issue.

When the strip was relaunched inDennis faced several changes to his character and appearance. It was the first major revamp of dennis the menace comic character since his debut over 50 dennis the menace comic prior and proved vastly controversial.

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Dennis became slightly shorter with a boyish look to him as opposed to the brute, tough guy look the previous artists had established.

His behind the nose grin dennis the menace comic used far less frequently and most of his menacing was toned down.

He also no longer used weapons such as a catapult or peashooter save for a dennis the menace comic times, so he became more creative in his mischief. The strip's title was shortened to Dennis and Gnasher during these years, and Dennis rarely used the term 'menacing' to describe his actions.

Dennis's idol was revealed to be 'Rat-Bucket' a fictional heavy metal singer introduced in the strip. He was also given more rivals as Athena and Sugar were both introduced to the dennis the menace comic.