Refugees. 21 RAAbits Englisch • Berufliche Schulen • November tiken üben sie das Beschreiben von Diagram- verschiedene Arten von Diagrammen. Look at the bar chart, question and sample answer and do the exercises to improve your writing skills. Show Check your writing: picture matching - describing changes in bar charts. I use charts and graphs in Maths and in Geography. Diagramme, Datenentwicklungen, Statistiken auf Englisch verstehen & beschreiben: Erklärungen an typischen Diagramm- & Tabellentypen mit.


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The title, the key and the axis.

Writing about a bar chart | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council

The title says 'Fruit sales in kilos'. So we're looking at how many kilos of which fruit was sold in 2 given months.

The key specifies which 2 months we're looking at, July and October. And the axis give us information about kilos and different types of fruit.


Think how you could describe this chart. Write sentences about the changes in fruit sales from July to October. Use the words from the box: Let's start with oranges.


Apple sales fell by a quarter. Lemon sales rose by a third. Did you notice what grammar tense was used in the previous sentences?

Analysing Graphs, Diagrams and Statistics - Schritt für Schritt Anleitung und Übung

So it's all diagramm beschreiben englisch the past. Let's look diagramm beschreiben englisch pie charts now. It's called a pie chart because it really looks like a pie. The pie represents the whole of something - a hundred percent - and if you cut it into pieces, you'll get little parts of the whole.

So a pie chart displays the size of each part as a percentage of a whole.


Study these 2 pie charts. They show us the highest level of education of women in Eastern Europe in the year and in Please notice diagramm beschreiben englisch I've made these numbers up and they're not true.

Business English - graphs-charts | Learn English Today

A possible task could be: You must describe the graphic information objectively. What you should do here is to compare and contrast the 2 pie charts. This means that you should think of the things that are the same and diagramm beschreiben englisch about differences.

  • Describing charts in English
  • Types of charts

It should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Okay, let me give you a diagramm beschreiben englisch how you could write this description. In the introduction it's good to write 1 general sentence that sums up what the charts are about and comment on 1 most obvious feature: It can be clearly seen that women received a much higher level of education in than they did in No women had completed diagramm beschreiben englisch graduate studies.