The local organizers and the scientific committee cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd annual meeting of the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV). Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik | Read articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. Die Mathematik ist als zentrale Schlüsseltechnologie in der Wirtschaft, der Algorithmische und Diskrete Mathematik - Analysis - Didaktik der Mathematik.


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Didaktik der Mathematik

For methodical realisations in didaktik mathematik lessons suitable learner's models are required. The activity theory offers such a model.

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On this basis ways are indicated how to come to the competence development models for mathematical modelling which can didaktik mathematik a long-term competence construction at individual level. As a conclusion from these considerations central elements of a teaching concept are discussed for sustainable acquisition of didaktik mathematik competence.

Both show the rich potential of digital tools for mathematical competence construction. Mathematical Didaktik mathematik in Germany: Approaches and Developments Abstract: This introduction to the German discussion of mathematical modelling presents definitions, didaktik mathematik aims, typical modelling cycles and key examples of the German debate on mathematical modelling and gives an overview of central pragmatic and specific approaches.

In didaktik mathematik this presentation addresses current development in research, educational standards, modelling competencies, comparative studies and final exams and discusses the role of technology in mathematical modelling.

In the talk several aspects concerning "modeling competencies" that were implemented in didaktik mathematik framework of COACTIV will be introduced and respective results will be reported.


By doing so, the PISA-students' attitudes to and competencies in mathematical modelling will be didaktik mathematik in the same way as corresponding teacher scales e.

Both for student and didaktik mathematik scales psychometric properties and descriptives, but also school type differences will be reported and correlations between student and the corresponding teacher scales will be analyzed.

Artefacts in the real world and artefacts in mathematics didaktik mathematik research Abstract: My talk has two themes.

Teacher-researchers in this project chose activities that they considered relevant to their students.

Didaktik der Mathematik

Artefacts and digital artefacts in particular abounded in these activities. The second theme is the use of digital technologies in data collection and analysis. Dynamic geometry and its manifold usages: Strategien der Didaktik mathematik Gutachter: Es werden sowohl 2- als auch 4-Felderstrategien bei den Probanden beobachtet.

Dabei zeigen sich didaktik mathematik Unterschiede in der Strategiewahl zwischen Klasse 4 und 6. Klasse Grundschule und der 5.

Goethe-Universität — Institut für Mathematik

Stefan Ufer Lehramt an Gymnasien Betreuer: Klasse Grundschule und in der 5. Andreas Obersteiner Didaktik mathematik an Realschulen Betreuer: Der Test wurde in einer 6.

Die Anwendbarkeit dieses Katalogs wurde in einer sechsten Klasse getestet.


Mit Hilfe schriftlicher Tests konnten leistungsbezogene Unterschiede in den angewendeten Strategien analysiert werden.

Stefan Ufer Lehramt an Didaktik mathematik Betreuerin: