Results 1 - 26 of 26 - Loser: Life of a Software Engineer by Dipen Ambalia and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Dipen Ambalia - Crossword. What's common between outsourcing and Christopher Columbus s discovery of America? How are arranged marriages related to the Software Development.


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: LOSER (Life Of a Software EngineeR) eBook: Dipen Ambalia: Kindle Store

He is a brilliant cartoonist and a satirist. He has written amazing satires on the management and marketing world. So, one day I thought why not use that style of writing and apply it to the IT world dipen ambalia I had already spent around 6 years when I thought of writing a book.

Satire is a very powerful of telling the world what it needs to be told and you say that dipen ambalia a funny way.

Dipen Ambalia

And dipen ambalia, the Indian author market is flooded with love story authors. So it is necessary to create a mark of our own.


The titles of all your books are very interesting yet funny, tell us dipen ambalia story behind this, and are there any creative masterminds behind this move? I spend a lot of time in coming up with a good title.

Dipen Ambalia | LOSER

Brainstorming a lot is what dipen ambalia me achieve that. Then Dipen ambalia thought let me make the L O S E R in that title capital and then many people will be able to identify with the title and hence buy it.

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Do you think our Education System needs a Reboot? If dipen ambalia can I can too. This kind of dipen ambalia is pure crap. I am not saying that you have to wait till you are 65 to follow your dreams.

Although it has been a fun read all the way through, still I found something missing there. Don't know what it is,but still it is there. Maybe Dip I read this book a day ago.

Dipen Ambalia - Crossword

Maybe Dipen has to go a lot of distance as a writer. Another thing, a lot of things in this dipen ambalia have been told in Hindi,so Non-Indian guys will not be able dipen ambalia take out the full pleasure of reading this book.

It's a point that the writer may have considered. Anyways, I have had a good time reading it.

Right from the title of the book to every dipen ambalia that Dipen explains is so true! The book is hilarious yet not exaggerated and I'm sure most of my fellow IT walas will dipen ambalia.

Such a wonderful and apt description of the IT industry can only come from an insider and so it is!

For people Being in the IT industry for almost 7 years now, I maybe a bit partial in dipen ambalia this book a full five - but dipen ambalia can be excused because I loved it so much because I could absolutely relate to each word I read!

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