Kindle - Read Kindle books on your Mac. Download the latest Is Kindle really the best app in eBooks category? See discussion. This is because these books are only bonded with Amazon Kindle store. It's forbidden to transfer downloaded books to Kindle for mac app with. Thousands of free classics are available in the Kindle Store. Get free book samples - read the first chapter free before you decide to buy. Customize your reading.


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From the general window, you can see "Content Folder" and the letters below is the address of your Kindle books stored. Find the books you downloaded in "My Kindle Content" folder of your mac.


Except for the above way you also can use USB cable to collect your Kindle device with mac and transfer your books. Epubor Ultimate can also help us edit eBook metadata if we want.

How to Read Kindle Books on Mac

Just with this one tool you can also read Kindle books on iPad Proand read Kindle books on android. Then just choose the output format as ePub and click "Convert to ePub" button.

Wait ebooks for kindle mac a moment and you can get the fresh ePub books from the pop-up ebooks for kindle mac. The best point of Epubor Ultimate is it can automatically identify books of devices or apps if you have opened Kindle for Mac app or your Kindle device has collected with your mac.

You will see your kindle eBooks are listed in the left area after you get the Epubor Ultimate started.

Kindle for Mac (Mac) - Download

Select the books you want to convert to, then drag them from the left to the right area. Then right click, select "open with iBooks", you will see your eBooks clearly listed in the library.

It also has another way to add books. Kindle for Mac is a very simple e-book reader which allows you to read and sync your library with your Kindle.

Kindle for Mac

You can purchase books online and have them directly delivered to Kindle for Mac and then sync it with your device. Advertisement Kindle for Mac is extremely simple. When you first install it you're required to enter in your Amazon account details or sign-up for one. You can then either transfer books from your Kindle to Kindle for Mac by clicking the ebooks for kindle mac small synchronization symbol or go directly ebooks for kindle mac the Amazon site by clicking Shop In Kindle Store.

You can sort titles by name, author or most recently purchased but other than that there are absolutely no other preferences. It's a little annoying that long book names are truncated on your Kindle for Mac library page and there seems no way of changing this.

Where does Kindle for Mac store the e-books on my computer? - Quora

Then I would have to go back and find the page I was on. Clicking to find the page would also result in it going much further than I intended it to.

Then sometimes that would go too far. When I ordered another book, this time on Python, it was the same wretched experience.