Hayward EcoStar is the industry's most energy efficient variable speed pump. EcoStar is easily installed either as a programmable stand-alone pump or with a. The Hayward EcoStar in-ground swimming pool pump is easily installed and will work with a variety of equipment. This Variable Speed Pump is fully. Hayward Ecostar pool pump review by a swimming pool industry expert - Swimming Pool Steve.


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Ecostar pump you really want to get into the technical specifications to differentiate one from another then you can identify specific aspects of the product that might appeal to you.

EcoStar | Pumps | In Ground Pool Pumps - Hayward Pool Products

For example, the Pentair Intelliflo ecostar pump is larger than the Hayward Ecostar motor. If you have a hugely demanding pool system with a built in hot ecostar pump, waterfalls and a volume exceeding a 20x40 pool then perhaps the Pentair would perform better in the long term.

This would be like looking at the payload of a big truck.

The Pentair Intelliflo would be considered to be a ecostar pump heavy duty product than the Ecostar in this regard. When you look at the efficiency of variable speed pool pumps the Ecostar ecostar pump the Intelliflo.

The larger, more durable and more capable motor of the Intelliflo is not as efficient as the smaller, leaner design of the Ecostar.


What is interesting is that for a pool application the full potential of the Intelliflo can not be realized. Essentially it is overbuilt for the application which may pay dividends on longevity but the Ecostar appears to be optimally sized for pool and spa applications.

If you ecostar pump buying a variable speed pool pump to save electricity costs as fast as possible then the Ecostar is the most efficient pump on the market. Hayward Ecostar Flow Rates In order to properly size a pool pump for your pool you ecostar pump to know your pool volume.

Hayward EcoStar variable speed pump

A pool pump ecostar pump be able to pump your entire pool volume 3 times ecostar pump a 24 hour period. While you might not always have a turnover rate so high, a turnover rate of 3 would represent the high end of what you would ever need for a residential pool.


It is very common for most pool owners to turn the water over only one ecostar pump two times per day - which is ecostar pump to keep most pools clean and clear. Ideal circumstances are the theoretical maximum potential of the pump - which you will not get in your pool.

The restrictions to flow in your system, specifically head loss and friction loss, will prevent ecostar pump from ever getting flow rates like this for an average residential pool. However with this much maximum potential you will have no trouble at all meeting ecostar pump turnover rates for even the largest of pools.

The goal is to keep your pool clean and clear while running your variable speed pump on the lowest possible settings to use ecostar pump least ecostar pump.

Hayward Ecostar Problems The biggest problem that you might have if you buy a new Hayward Ecostar pump is actually that the pump will provide too much flow! Many pool circulation pumps are in the one to two horsepower range.


A pump ecostar pump the Ecostar with a huge 2. If you have a cartridge filter or a D.

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Ecostar pump filter then this is most likely not a concern. If you have a sand filter then you need to be aware that your filter has a "maximum design flow rate" above which damage to the filter can happen.

The Ecostar can easily meet and exceed the design flow rate for ecostar pump sand filters.