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With this individuality come specific needsno two buildings are the same. At Trane, we dont think of buildings efapel catalogo mere glass, concrete and steel boxes.

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efapel catalogo They are living, breathing structures that protect and support all human pursuits: Ours is a business of providing efapel catalogo, environmentally-responsible solutions that sustain high performance for life. We make it possible for buildings to deliver world-class performance and fulfill their purpose.

Whether creating sophisticated Integrated Comfort Solutions for luxury hotels, enterprise services for high-performance learning environments, Integrated Critical Control Solutions for high-tech regulated processes, or simply making a house more of a home, Trane has the team with technical know-how and expertise to help bring your building to lifeto help it efapel catalogo at its best and sustain it day in and day out.

DESIGNTrane applications assure building owners that the right equipment, controls and services are selected for every application efapel catalogo the right time in their buildings life cycle. Tranes experienced engineering resources assess system design requirements, carefully matching building loads and operational needs to build the most effective, efficient configuration possible.

Because it focuses on long-term, sustainable benefits, the Trane Comprehensive Efapel catalogo is often a remedy to prior low first-cost purchasing decisions.

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Trane offers In-Warranty Support as an efapel catalogo service option for all new systems, allowing Trane technicians to establish operating baselines to compare to future operating conditions.

This agreement offers diagnostic testing efapel catalogo subsequent years to confirm operating parameters and quickly project any potential problems.

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For long-term peace of mind, Trane offers extended warranties to minimize efapel catalogo financial impact and assure prompt resolution. This includes fundamental system orientation for your facility staff and setting up operating logs for critical reference during first-year operation. The Trane Elite Start commissioning process helps assure accurate component sequencing and precise system response to building conditions for optimized performance.

Our streamlined, systematic approach identifies, reduces and mitigates risks by efapel catalogo sound contracting standards and practices. We can expand our offering by including other HVAC services and support that address comprehensive facility operations.

Trane can help plan and manage a project, providing full design and development services, construction management, commissioning and testing efapel catalogo. A typical turnkey project solution may include any of the following components: Cost savings generated by energy and operational efficiency improvements can significantly minimize the capital investment efapel catalogo for facility improvements through a self-funding project over a contract term that is typically years.

Trane guarantees its savings in energy units and the performance of its solution, so building owners can invest remaining capital funds in core business needs. Building System Performance The Trane Building Services efapel catalogo focuses on maintaining the performance and reliability of your building systems, helping to assure projected system life and transforming unexpected repair costs into defined, budgeted expenses.

Efapel catalogo determining your equipments maintenance requirements, well work with you to develop an agreement that best meets your business objectives. All mechanical systems deteriorate with time and use.

The key is knowing when to act to renew equipment to maintain reliable operation and minimize financial risk.


Trane offers several programs to efapel catalogo system performance. Our exclusive Rnewal service program replaces worn materials, restores compressor performance, and provides as-new reliability. Every Rnewal package includes a new standard two-year parts efapel catalogo labor warranty.