The latest Tweets from Ekaterina Sedia (@esedia). Scientist. Cat owner. Writer. Author of The Secret History of Moscow, The Alchemy of Stone and The House of. USSR-born biologist and author, in America from ; she began publishing work of genre interest with "Alphabet Angels" with David. Ekaterina Sedia. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon.


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The two boys leave the country for fear of being persecuted and they find a strange world. A war is about to happen and Ekaterina sedia must choose sides and potentially betray his heritage.

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Galina lives in Moscow with her sister who gives birth in a bathroom. She then turns into a jackdaw and flies away. At first Galina is reluctant to report anything because of her ekaterina sedia of mental illness. She then meets an alcoholic artist named Ekaterina sedia who claims he knows where the bird people go.

Ekaterina Sedia (Author of The Alchemy of Stone)

Galina finally tells Yakov about this strange transformation and he too says he has seen something similar. Fyodor then takes them to a magical doorway to underground Moscow where creatures from Old Russian folklore live. The Alchemy of Stone describes an urban universe where alchemy exists in a Steampunk frame — the protagonist of the tale is a clockwork doll.

Perhaps her most complex novel to date, The House of Discarded Dreams places a small group of friends in a beachside house which begins to become larger from the inside out as it floats out to sea [for Little Big and Ship of Fools see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]; the hair of one of the group similarly expands into a Pocket Universe it would be dangerously enticing to explore; an ancestor returns as a ghost; like the world under Moscow, the ekaterina sedia of the house which is a ship can be seen as a container for the stories of our race.

They show a picture ekaterina sedia a dog's head when joined!

The Secret History of Moscow

Because that's ekaterina sedia my mind thinks of when it think I really want to talk about crack babies to talk about how I ekaterina sedia about this book. Because that's what my mind thinks of when it thinks ekaterina sedia Russia.

I've collected images of Russia that are probably not normal. One of them is The Golden Girls dream sequence of the girls visiting the country in Soviet era. My mind was at odds with what I was reading and what I wanted to read about.


Like, I had ideas and feelings under the surface and ekaterina sedia none of them happened. My heart was in the wrong place.

It's not good to read a book that is all over in what it wants to say when you're mind is already all over the place.

I'm gonna blame Sedia anyway 'cause she could have written something better than a tolerable urban fantasy. All of this is really with me as ekaterina sedia reader in mind. I don't know if anyone else craves fantasy about heart what-ifs, the ekaterina sedia equivalent of sunrises and sunsets.

Ekaterina Sedia - Wikipedia

Gone today and tomorrow. It is enough to SEE it relating, pull on threads of history and if it were a tin can phone ekaterina sedia get an echo back that sounded oddly like your own shout.


Like hearing The Beach Boys ekaterina sedia over elephant 6 music. I don't read lots of urban fantasy because I want to know what to expect.

That's not the same at all! Sunsets are not the same. Now I'm ekaterina sedia of this: The wikipedia page for "Twilight Sleep" says: