Neither extreme. Rinconete y Cortadillo is not Cervantes' attempt to create picaresque fiction, but rather a work which presents and then nullifies picaresque and. Cortadillo. Catherine Guzman. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Follow this and Rinconete y Cortadillo, by Miguel de Cervantes, is one of twelve. Rinconete y Cortadillo (or Novela de Rinconete y Cortadillo) is one of the twelve short stories included in Novelas Ejemplares, by Spanish writer Miguel de  Published in‎: ‎Novelas Ejemplares.


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At the Venta or hostelry of the Mulinillo, which is situate on the confines of the renowned plain of Alcudia, and on the road from Castile to Andalusia, el rinconete y cortadillo striplings met by chance on one of the hottest days of summer.

One of them was about fourteen or fifteen years of age; the other could not have passed his seventeenth year.


Both were well formed, and of comely features, but in very ragged and tattered plight. Cloaks el rinconete y cortadillo had none; their breeches were of linen, and their stockings were merely those bestowed on them by Nature.

The Exemplary Novels of Cervantes by Miguel de Cervantes: Rinconete and Cortadillo

It is true they boasted shoes; one of them wore alpargates,[6] or rather el rinconete y cortadillo them along at his heels; the other had what might as well have been shackles for all the good they did the wearer, being rent in the uppers, and without soles. Their respective head-dresses were a montera[7] and a miserable sombrero, low in the crown and el rinconete y cortadillo in the brim.

On his shoulder, and crossing his breast like a scarf, one of them carried a shirt, the colour of chamois leather; the body of this garment was rolled up and thrust into one of its sleeves: Within this collar, wrapped up and carefully treasured, was a pack of cards, excessively dirty, and reduced to an oval form by repeated paring of their dilapidated corners.

The lads were both much burned by the sun, their hands were anything but clean, and their long nails were edged with black; one had a dudgeon-dagger by his side; the other a knife with a yellow handle.

These gentlemen had selected for their siesta the porch or penthouse commonly found before a Venta; and, finding themselves opposite each other, he who appeared to be the elder said to the younger, "Of what country is your worship, noble Sir, and by what road do you propose to travel?

With regard to my road, it is that which chance places before me, and it will end wherever I may find some one who will give me the wherewithal to sustain this miserable life of mine.

Rinconete y Cortadillo - Wikipedia

These I can cut out in such style, that I could pass an examination for the rank of master in the craft; but my ill luck keeps my talents in obscurity.

In order to induce your worship to open your heart and repose your faith on my honour, I will enlist your sympathies by first laying bare my own bosom; for I imagine that fate has not brought us together without some hidden purpose. El rinconete y cortadillo, I believe that we are to be true friends from this day to the end of our lives.

My name is Pedro del Rincon,[9] my father is a person of quality, and a Minister of the Holy Crusade, since he holds the important charge of a Bulero or Buldero,[10] as the vulgar call it.

I was for some time his assistant in that office, and acquitted myself so well, that in all things concerning the sale of bulls I could hold my own with el rinconete y cortadillo man, though he had the right to consider himself the most accomplished in the profession.

But one day, having placed my affections on the money produced by el rinconete y cortadillo bulls, rather than on the bulls themselves, I took a bag of crowns to my arms, and we two departed together for Madrid.

The product of these sales was originally expended on the wars with the Moors, but from the time when Granada fell into the hands of the Spaniards, it has been divided between the church and state.

The bulls are carried about by hawkers, who are called "Buleros. The person who el rinconete y cortadillo charged with the collection of the money, hastened to track my steps; I was taken, and met with but scant el rinconete y cortadillo only, in consideration of my youth, their worships the judges contented themselves with introducing me to the acquaintance of the whipping-post, to have the flies whisked from my shoulders for a certain time, and commanding me to abstain from revisiting the Court and Capital during a period of four years.

Rinconete and Cortadillo

I took the matter coolly, bent my shoulders to the operation performed at their command, and made so much haste to begin my prescribed term of exile, el rinconete y cortadillo I had no time to procure sumpter mules, but contented myself with selecting from my valuables such as seemed most important and useful.

It is true they are somewhat soiled and worn, as your worship sees; but for him who knows how to el rinconete y cortadillo them, they possess a marvellous virtue, which is, that you never cut them but you find an ace at the bottom; if your worship then is acquainted with the game, you will see what an advantage it is to know for certain that you have an ace to begin with, since you may count it either for one or eleven; and so you may be pretty sure that when the stakes are laid at twenty-one, your money will be much disposed to stay at home.

We have but to make a trial where we are; let us spread the net, and it will go hard with us if some bird out of all the Muleteers standing about do not fall into it.

I mean to say, that if we two begin now to play at Vingt-et-un as though we were in earnest, some one will probably desire to make a third, and, in that case, he shall be the man to leave his money behind him.

You have thereby made it impossible for me to conceal mine, and I will hasten to relate it as briefly as possible. Here it is, then: