Top Ten Rules to the Endgame! For a lot of beginner level chess players, the endgame can be a difficult challenge. Many of my early games. Improve your chess endgames by trying to beat the computer in over 40 different endgames, from basic endgames to expert positions. Winning chess endgames is easy when you know the right techniques. Here are 10 great tips that will help you master endgame techniques.


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One thing that really separates the final stage of chess from the rest of the game is King play! Every great endgame player in history not only understood the importance King activation, but they anticipated precisely when the middlegame was ending, and that it was time to bring out the big guy!

Generally, as soon endgame chess the Queen's have been traded you should consider the possibility of bringing out your King. Endgame chess cases where there still exists lots of enemy forces particularly the two Rooks and at least two minor pieces -- you might want to put the reigns on your leader, but don't lose a game because you brought your King into the battle too late!

Here is a great example from a game of my own. Though it's complex, try to anticipate how the King might "find his way" to help the Rook on h8 promote the h7-pawn: And a simpler example from a video of GM Bojkov's that I liked is: And I would guess there may be ten quadrilion similar examples.

Perhaps even much more simple ones for players of this level, but just try to let the main point integrate: Rule 5 - Play "Backwards-to-Forwards" Chess! Endgame chess is one of my favorite "concepts" or "mind-sets" to teach beginners, as I believe it can change their entire approach to the game when they "get it".

Endgame Practice -

Endgame chess program which incorporates knowledge from such a database is able to play perfect chess on reaching any position in the database. Max Euwe and Walter Meiden give these five generalizations: In king and pawn endings, an extra pawn is decisive in more than 90 percent of the cases.

In endgames with pieces and pawns, an extra pawn is a winning advantage in 50 to 60 percent of the cases. Rook endgame is probably one of the trickiest endings in chess. In this tutorial I will make an attempt to show some of the subtleties of this ending as well as give you general recommendations about playing the Q endgame chess.

R endings for both sides.

10 Must Know Endgames Step-by-Step

Against a human opponent there is a possibility of endgame chess this endgame if a weaker side plays incorrect defense resulting in winning a rook by the fork or mating the king. Mastering these endgames would advance your chess understanding and technique to the next level.

Depending on your current level of play, simply understanding the ideas from the endgame chess above will add an extra points to your current rating for pre-master level players. For a complete understanding of the material, I recommend practicing these endgames against a computer.

You can set up some of the positions shown in the tutorial against your favorite engine and practice to win or draw the endings. This can be simple calculations, such endgame chess counting endgame chess passed pawn race in a king and pawn endgame, or it can be some of the more complex variations which need deeper calculations.


The player with the most active and centralized king will often be winner of the game. Endgame chess if there are too many pieces on the board that impose a threat, it may not be the time to move your king into the battle field yet. endgame chess

Chess Endgames | 10 Principles for Beginners

Exchange rooks with care Rook endings have a tendency to endgame chess lead to draws. While your opponent's king must stop that pawn from queening, your king can endgame chess the pawns on the kingside, like a fox in a hen-house.


Here White must learn that even endgame chess the number of pawns are equal, not all pawns are created equal! White is better equipped to create a healthy and distant passed pawn, and if he uses his outside passed pawn in conjunction with activating the king, White should be able to gobble up the kingside pawns while Black is worrying about endgame chess queenside pawn.