Ethnic tension in Rwanda is nothing new. There have always been disagreements between the majority Hutus and minority Tutsis, but the animosity between them has grown substantially since the colonial period. However, Tutsis are often taller and thinner than Hutus, with some saying their origins lie in Ethiopia. The conflict in Rwanda was the result of a quarrel for power betwen two of Rwanda's main ethnic groups, the Hutus and the Tutsi. The Hutus. Ethnic Conflict in Rwanda By: Marissa Miller Period 6. This doesn't only affect surrounding countries, it largely impacts Rwanda itself.


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This violence created a political vacuum, into which an interim government of extremist Hutu Power leaders from the military high command stepped on April 9.

Rwandan Genocide - HISTORY

Slaughter Spreads Across Rwanda The mass killings in Kigali quickly spread from that city to the rest of Rwanda, with somepeople slaughtered over the next three months. During ethnic conflict in rwanda period, local officials and government-sponsored radio stations called on ordinary Rwandan civilians to murder their neighbors.


Meanwhile, the RPF resumed fighting, and ethnic conflict in rwanda war raged alongside the genocide. In response, more than 2 million people, nearly all Hutus, fled Rwanda, crowding into refugee camps in the Congo then called Zaire and other neighboring countries.

After its victory, the RPF established a coalition government similar to that agreed upon at Arusha, with Pasteur Bizimungu, a Hutu, as president and Paul Kagame, a Tutsi, as vice president and defense minister.


Experts say this is fuelling ethnic tensions. As Marc Sommers, author of Stuck: Rwandan Youth and the Struggle for Adulthood, explains, crimes committed by Tutsis against Hutus are rarely discussed publicly.

These include incidents afterwhen groups associated with the Tutsi ruling party killed thousands of Hutu refugees who had fled to countries bordering Rwanda.

Although it is illegal to discuss ethnicity ethnic conflict in rwanda public, Rwandan youth are well aware of who is Hutu and who is Tutsi, said Ms. Bythere were overgenocide suspects awaiting trial.

Ethnic Conflict in Rwanda by Christopher small on Prezi

Communities elected judges to hear the trials of ethnic conflict in rwanda suspects accused of all crimes except planning of genocide or rape. The defendants in Gacaca courts have been released provisionally awaiting trial. The releases have caused a lot of unhappiness among survivors who see it as a form of amnesty.

Rwanda continues to use the national court system to try those involved in planning genocide or rape under normal penal law. These courts do not offer provisional release for genocide ethnic conflict in rwanda.

The Gacaca courts give lower sentences if the person is repentant and seeks reconciliation with the community. These courts are intended to help the community participate ethnic conflict in rwanda the process of justice and reconciliation for the country.

Rwandan genocide - Wikipedia

Investigations began in Ethnic conflict in rwanda The first suspects were brought to the court in May and the first case began in January The UN Tribunal has jurisdiction over all violations of international human rights that happened in Rwanda between January and December It has the ethnic conflict in rwanda to prosecute high-level members of the government and armed forces that may have fled the country and would otherwise have gone unpunished.

The court has since convicted the Prime Minister during the genocide Jean Kambanda, to life in prison. It was also the first international court to convict a suspect for rape as a crime against humanity and a crime of genocide.

Burundi, UgandaTanzania and Zaire. Rwanda's population had increased from 1. The RPF captured the town, benefiting from the element of surprise, and held it for one day before retreating to the forests.