FOUNDATIONS OF PSYCHOHISTORY [full text and images] by LLOYD DEMAUSE. "Neither history not psychiatry can ever be the same again a turning point. Foundations of psychohistory / Lloyd DeMause. New York, N.Y.: Creative Roots, c Subjects: Psychohistory. Physical Description: v, p.: ill. ; 24 cm. Psychohistory is the study of the psychological motivations of historical events. It attempts to . version of the chart appears in Foundations of Psychohistory.


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I haven't read it since then, but life experience has modified my opinion somewhat.

But even if this book isn't "absolute truth," there's more than just a grain of it here. The thesis is this: Therefore, parenting styles have the single greatest effect on history than anything else. The kinds of economic and political conditions we foundations of psychohistory are a result of the foundations of psychohistory When I read this book for a college class, I bought the thesis hook, line, and sinker.

The kinds of economic and political conditions we create are a result of the kinds of people we are and not vice versa.


And so history can be interpreted by the evolution of parenting trends. Adulthood has shown me that there's much more of a give-and-take between the grand political scene and individual families than this book would have it, but it is a very interesting interpretation of foundations of psychohistory.


Though the author comes from a Freudian model, he argues his case well, and it convinced me at a decently young age that the best thing I could do for world peace was to foundations of psychohistory my own psyche, which I think was a valuable lesson.

It doesn't apply either to the Greek and Roman world, where there was a wide variation in childrearing practices.

Foundations of psychohistory - Lloyd DeMause - Google книги

It is notable foundations of psychohistory the arrival of the Ambivalent mode of child-rearing preceded the start of the Renaissance mid 14th century by only one or two generations, and the arrival of the Socializing mode coincided with the Age of Enlightenmentwhich began foundations of psychohistory the late 18th century.

Earlier forms of childrearing coexist with later modes, even in the most advanced countries.

An example of this are reports of selective abortion and sometimes exposure of baby girls [15] foundations of psychohistory in Foundations of psychohistoryKoreaTaiwanSingaporeMalaysiaIndiaPakistanNew Guinea, and many other developing countries in Asia and North Africa[16] regions in which millions of women are "missing".

This is reflected in political contrasts — for instance, in the clash between Blue State and Red State voters in the contemporary United States [18] [19] — and in civil wars. Another key psychohistorical concept is that of group fantasy, which deMause regards as a mediating force between a psychoclass's collective childhood experiences and the psychic conflicts emerging therefromand the psychoclass's behavior in politics, religion and other aspects of social life.

Presently the Western socializing mode of childrearing is considered much less abusive in the field, though this mode is not yet entirely free of abuse. The history of childhood is a nightmare from which foundations of psychohistory have only recently begun to awaken.


The further back in history one goes, the lower the level of childcare, and the more likely children are to be killed, abandoned, beaten, terrorized and sexually abused. There foundations of psychohistory notwithstanding an optimistic trait in the field.

Foundations of Psychohistory: Lloyd Demause: : Books

Foundations of psychohistory a world of "helping mode" parents, deMause believes, violence of any other sort will disappear as well, along with magical thinkingmental disorders, wars and other inhumanities of man against man.

Although, the criticism has been made that this itself is a form of magical thinking.


Psychohistory remains a controversial field of foundations of psychohistory, facing criticism in the academic community, [10] [21] [22] [23] with critics referring to it as a pseudoscience. DeMause has received criticism on several levels.

His formulations have been criticized for being insufficiently supported by credible research. However, deMause received criticism for his repeated, detailed descriptions on childhood atrocities: