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Welcome to AICTE-GPAT

Let us look at some gpat 2014 syllabus points which should be addressed while preparing a plan of action for GPAT preparation Syllabus sorting: Finishing the gpat 2014 syllabus syllabus of four years in months is foolish and impossible to accomplish.

Instead of wasting your time on topics and subjects which are least likely to be asked in the exam, you must try to complete as many topics as you can, from subjects which are given more importance and weightage in the main exam.


Even in these subjects, gpat 2014 syllabus need not go through the entire syllabus that is prescribed as in case of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Pharma Analysis.

These subjects are very vast and it is practically impossible to cover all the topics that are mentioned in the GPAT syllabus in gpat 2014 syllabus a short time of 2 months.

Therefore, you must try to sort the topics that are more important and cover them first.

GPAT Tips and Tricks - Education Today News

To do this, you can do the following: That should not prevent you from writing the gpat 2014 syllabus. Most students write this exam in their B. Pharm 3rd year so as to get a feel before they give the exam in final year.

Attempt it if gpat 2014 syllabus want to get a feel of the exam.

Q I want to fly abroad. But it is suggested that you give an attempt at the GPAT also.

GPAT 2014 Tips and Tricks

Every question has 4 options to answer. Negative marking gpat 2014 syllabus be applied for every wrong answer i. GPAT Exam syllabus for each right answer will get 01 mark.

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Correct answers are worth 4 marks each and negative marking of -1 mark for each incorrect answer is applicable. The exam is broadly based on 4 topics: Clear your basic concepts from your B Pharm text books before you use additional study material. Study ALL topics given in gpat 2014 syllabus syllabus apart from important topics 3.