The retained diagnosis is HAIR-AN syndrome probably related to ovarian hyperthecosis and she was provided with androcur 50 mg/day and. We describe a woman with the syndrome characterised by hyperandrogenism, insulin resistance and acanthosis nigricans (the HAIR-AN syndrome), and an. In view of above features, diagnosis of hyperandrogenism-insulin resistance-acanthosis nigricans syndrome (HAIR-AN syndrome) was made.


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HAIR-AN Syndrome

In some cases, there may be psychiatric disorders of organic origin. The aesthetic damage caused by skin lesions, combined with functional damage from systemic hurts, often leads hair an syndrome real psychological disturbances [ 101314 ].


There is currently no therapeutic consensus. It is conclusive to apply diet and physical activities to reduce overweight.

HAIR-AN Syndrome: A Multisystem Challenge

The specific therapeutic options for reducing hyperinsulinemia include the analog octreotide of the hair an syndrome synthesis, metfomin, a biguanide compound used in type 2 diabetes, and thiazolidinediones.

Tretinoin, local application of vitamin D3 derivatives, oral isothetrinoids or the long-pulsed Alexandrite laser are some means used to reduce acanthosis nigricans [ 1 - 39 ].


Our patient was treated with tretinoin 0. Conclusion Our observation confirms the importance of internal diseases cutaneous signs.

Acanthosis nigricans is an early and frequent indicator of genetic insulin resistance syndromes. Beyond the aesthetic concerns that often motivate consultation in the HAIR-AN syndrome, there is hair an syndrome real issue of metabolic, cardiovascular, cerebral, gynecological and psychiatric comorbidities.

The therapeutic challenge remains that of insulin resistance. Am J Clin Dermatol 5: Sci World J J Am Acad Dermatol The assessment carried out revealed testosteronemia at 1. Imaging studies hair an syndrome negative for both ovarian and adrenal masses.

It must be hair an syndrome after discarding the tumoral causes and when there are signs of insulin resistance. Introduction Female hyperandrogenism is a frequent motive of consultation in endocrinology, in hair an syndrome, or in gynecology.

The hyperandrogenism-insulin resistance-acanthosis nigricans syndrome HAIR-AN syndrome is also incriminated [ 45 ]. Observation A year-old girl have had her first menstruation at the age of 14 years, was single hospitalized for hirsutism with secondary amenorrhea, and was evoluting for 5 years with no abdominal pain and no pelvic heaviness.

Acanthosis Nigricans during an HAIR-AN syndrome: "The Tree That Hides the Forest"

The antecedents were mental retardation and as family antecedents consanguine marriage of her parents Figure 1a brother and a sister suffering mental retardation, and her mother being obese, diabetic, and hypertensive. There was no antecedent of specific drug intake. Genealogical tree of the hair an syndrome.

The drug reduces the levels of circulating insulin and androgens.

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Women have shown improved reproductive functioning after the use of metformin. J Natl Med Assoc.