Prevention of these injuries is the ultimate aim and there is increasing evidence that Nordic hamstring exercises are effective in reducing the. Running-related hamstring strain injuries typically occur along an intramuscular tendon or aponeurosis, and the adjacent muscle fibers. During its recovery from injury, the hamstrings must be properly rehabilitated to safely handle high eccentric loading upon return to running. The best way to solve pesky hamstring problems is to prevent it in the first place.


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Recurrence rates remain high and it is now thought that strength deficits may be an important factor.

Hamstring Strain Injuries: Recommendations for Diagnosis, Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Strengthening exercise should be performed with the hamstrings in a lengthened position. There is conflicting evidence regarding the efficacy of platelet-rich plasma injection in the treatment of hamstring injuries so at this stage we cannot advise their use.

Various tests have been proposed as predictors hamstring injury prevention hamstring injury and the use of the Nordboard is an interesting hamstring injury prevention to the testing process. Prevention of these injuries is the ultimate aim and there is increasing evidence that Nordic hamstring exercises are effective in reducing the incidence.

Hamstring injuries: prevention and treatment—an update

Injury, Hamstring, Prevention, Treatment Introduction In spite of all the research and additional understanding of hamstring muscle injures over the past 20—30 years, we have not reduced the incidence of first-time injuries and the recurrence rate is still extremely high.

While research published over the past couple of years has led to an increased understanding of these challenging injuries, we still have a long way to go in the management of hamstring muscle injuries. Not all hamstring injuries are the same We now understand that certain types of hamstring injuries are more likely to require prolonged rehabilitation and delayed return to play RTP.

Askling et al 1—3 has proposed two distinctly different types of acute hamstring strains, one occurring during high-speed running and mainly involving the biceps hamstring injury prevention long head, the other during movements leading to extensive lengthening of the hamstrings hamstring injury prevention as high kicking, sliding tackle, sagittal split often involving the free proximal tendon of semimembranosus.

Hamstring injury prevention in soccer: Before or after training?

He demonstrated that injuries of the slow stretch type, while initially appearing less severe than hamstring injury prevention sprinting type of injury, actually have a prolonged RTP. Rehorn and Blemker, 5 using a three-dimensional model, initially suggested that the aponeurosis morphology of the biceps femoris long head BFLh may play a significant role in determining stretch distributions throughout the muscle.

Others have hamstring injury prevention that variability of aponeurosis widths may be important in determining muscle injury susceptibility. This may explain why injuries involving the central tendon have been shown to be associated with prolonged RTP.


Now with the advent of MRI showing minimal or no local muscle damage in these cases, the so-called MRI-negative hamstring injury, there has been broader acceptance of this phenomenon and appropriate treatment initiated with resulting early RTP.

There are a number of factors that have been suggested as good indicators of severity and prolonged time to hamstring injury prevention to play.

Askling et al 3 suggested that the closer the lesion was to the ischial tuberosity the longer the time to RTP. While a relationship between proximity to the ischial tuberosity and hamstring injury prevention to RTP makes sense based on anatomical knowledge ie, likelihood to involve tendonit is worth noting that a recent review 12 found some conflicting evidence.

Of the four studies performed to date, three studies reported a significant association between a shorter distance to the ischial tuberosity and hamstring injury prevention longer time to RTP, 3 13 14 whereas one study found no association.

Hamstring injuries: prevention and treatment—an update

The review concluded that there was no strong evidence from any MRI finding that can guide radiologists and sports physicians in predicting prognosis hamstring injury prevention the time to RTP after an acute hamstring injury.

Similarly there was no correlation of ultrasound findings with time to RTP.


The latter contradicted the findings of two previous studies. It was, therefore, suggested that for clinical practice, prognosis of hamstring injury prevention TTRTP in these injuries should be based on key clinical parameters.

Recurrence Reinjury after RTP remains a major problem.

Hamstring Injury Prevention - Axis Sports Medicine

hamstring injury prevention It is more common when the injury involves the biceps femoris. Lower myoelectrical activity was confined to the biceps femoris long head. Regardless of whether these deficits are the cause of or the result of injury, these findings could have important implications for hamstring strain injury and reinjury.

Particularly, given the importance of high levels of muscle activity to bring about specific muscular adaptations, lower levels of myoelectrical activity may limit the adaptive response to rehabilitation interventions and suggest that greater attention be given to neural function of the knee flexors after hamstring strain injury.

It has been suggested that the cause of this eccentric weakness is prolonged neuromuscular inhibition at long muscle lengths after hamstring hamstring injury prevention injury.

The study showed that despite being hamstring injury prevention to play, soccer players returning from a recent hamstring injury had substantial lower sprinting speed performance and reduced mechanical horizontal properties compared to the uninjured players.