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Gamzat eventually launches an attack on the capital of Khunzakh and kills the pro-Russian khans, taking control of this part of Dagestan. The slaughter of hamzad urdu novel khans throws Hadji and his brother against Gamzat, and they eventually succeed in tricking and killing him, causing his followers to flee.


Unfortunately, Murat's brother is killed hamzad urdu novel the attempt and Shamil replaces Gazmat as leader. He calls on Murat to join his struggle, but Murat refuses because the blood of his brother and the khans are on Shamil.


Once Murat has joined the Russians, who are aware of his position and bargaining ability, they find him the perfect tool for getting to Shamil. However, Vorontsov's plans are ruined by the War Minister, Chernyshov, a rival prince who is jealous of him, and Murat has to remain in the fortress because the Tsar is told he is possibly a spy.

The hamzad urdu novel digresses into a depiction of the Tsar Nicholas I of Russiawhich reveals his lethargic and bitter nature and his egotistical complacency, as well as his contempt towards women, his brother-in-law Frederick William IV of Prussia, and Russian students. The Tsar orders an attack on the mountaineers and Murat remains in the fortress.

Meanwhile, Murat's mother, wife and eldest son Yusuf, whom Shamil hold captive, are moved to a hamzad urdu novel defensible location.

Hamzad By Shameem Naveed Complete1+2+3+4 Parts

Realizing his position neither trusted by the Russians to lead an army against Shamil, nor hamzad urdu novel to return to Shamil because he will be killedHadji Murat decides to flee the fortress to gather men to save his family. At this point the narrative jumps hamzad urdu novel in time, to the arrival of a group of soldiers at the fortress bearing Murat's severed head.


Maria Dimitriyevna—the companion hamzad urdu novel one of the officers and a friend hamzad urdu novel Murat—comments on the cruelty of men during times of war, calling them 'butchers'.

The soldiers then tell the story of Murat's death. He had escaped the fortress and shook off his usual Russian escort with the help of his five lieutenants.

Hamzad ki Wapsi by Shameem Naveed complete - PKDigests | Free Download Urdu Novels PDF

After they escape they come upon a marsh that they are unable to cross, and hide amongst some bushes until the morning. An old man gives away their position and Hamzad urdu novel, the commander of the fortress, the soldiers, and some Cossacks surround the area. Hadji Murat and his men fortify themselves and begin to fire upon the troops, dying valiantly.

Hadji himself runs into fire after his men are killed, despite being wounded and plugging up his fatal wounds in his body with cloth. Victorious, the Russian soldiers fall upon and decapitate him. The hamzad urdu novel, which stopped singing during the battle, begin again and the narrator ends by recalling the thistle once more.

All Urdu PDF Novels: Hamzad By Shameem Naveed

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