Read Introduction of The Holy War from author John Bunyan. Find more Christian classics for theology and Bible study at Bible study tools. John Bunyan could be said to have authored the most influential book in the English language (other than the King James Bible) - The Pilgrim's Progress. But he. "The Holy War," John Bunyan's fourth work of major importance, appeared in Although "The Pilgrim's Progress" has always been the most popular of.


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The Holy War | allegory by Bunyan |

The city, however, was not at peace with Diabolus. Diabolus had escaped the city during the conquest and gathered an army of doubters that doubted all issues relating to life and faith in Prince Emmanuel.

Holy war john bunyan attack shook the city of Mansoul and the people continued to look within their walls for traitors as well as prepare their weaponry for battle. When the attack came, the city used well the weapons that their King had given them and warded off the enemy.

However, this attack was only the first. The next attack holy war john bunyan forces of the doubters and the vicious blood men. This attack so shook the city of Mansoul that the gates were broken and several great men of the city were hurt.

The Holy War by John Bunyan

Captain Credence sent a message to the King asking for help, to which was replied that help would come in three days. The city purged itself of Dabilonians within and prepared its Captains for a direct assault on the enemy on holy war john bunyan third day.

On that day a great victory was made over Diabolus, but his presence still remained a threat. King Shaddai then left His Son to reign in the heart of the city and made His leave.

The Holy War - John Bunyan - Oxford University Press

As the great King departed from the city's gates, He promised His soon return. The Holy War was incredibly enjoyable to read. The train of thought was evident and the tone was exciting.


Bunyan used the action of the internal war on a profound scale that included incredible, and entertaining, action. The book includes many lessons.

Bunyan's plan for his readers was for them to experience the struggles of the city of Mansoul as a fierce battle rages to take control of it.

Holy war john bunyan, alongside this knife-edge drama Bunyan wished his readers to understand how the struggles of their souls ran in parallel to the struggles of the wretched inhabitants of that place.

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The Holy War

With the fall of these three, for Mansoul to turn back to Shaddai of their own will, is impossible. Salvation can come holy war john bunyan by the victory of Emmanuel.

The entire story is a masterpiece of Christian literature, describing vividly the process of the fall, conversion, fellowship with Emmanuel, and many more intricate doctrines. Characters[ edit ] The main characters are in order of importance are: Also the builder and creator of Mansoul, whose image it bears.

The son of Shaddai, who lead the campaign to reclaim Mansoul. One who is equal to Shaddai and Emmanuel, who holy war john bunyan in Mansoul after the victorious conquest of Emmanuel.