Read India A Reference Annual book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified Manorama Yearbook Mammen. India Year Book Important Points,Highlights, Summary and Gist of India Year Book for UPSC GIST OF. India Year Book is published by Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India and is considered a "raam-baand aushadhi".


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It also helps in selective reading for only the relevant topics Make sure that you do the reading based on a selected subject that you are supposed to read for the day or the topic that you are covering for that particular study session India Year Book is one of the best sources of information in regard to the Governmental Schemes, policies and other programs for the social welfare, which makes it crucial, read about all these topics, in detail.

Make crisp notes, hand-written, for the important points as you go with the topics and ensure that you indian year book to the point and specific about what goes in your notebook Similarly, developmental schemes and policies can be covered by the IYB. Be indian year book about the topics as per the UPSC's syllabus for Civil Services Exam Regarding the latest acts, bills, laws or related reforms by the government, consult platforms like the PRS website for detailed information and read it with the IYB for a better understanding.

India Year Book – Book Review: What's New?

A lot of questions, especially in the Prelims Exam are framed from these areas. Generally, if you have observed previous question papers, questions asked from IYB are factual which means questions are directly picked from the book as it exactly appears in the book.

The question was taken from the IYB and the question framed was as exactly in the textbook and the screenshot of the same in the IYB textbook is given indian year book.

Hence, it is advised to refer the IYB book, as even if you indian year book other sources and come across such points, you may neglect or miss out and moreover to answer this type of factual questions it is very important to refer IYB.

So, now the actual question arises, how to read IYB especially in less time. The India Year Book can be covered effectively in different ways and I have shared some: Read this chapter thoroughly as it will help in grasping facts related to Indian physiography.

How to read India Year Book

This chapter covers the National symbols indian year book India as National flag, National anthem, national fruit, flower, calendar, etc.

It indian year book a very important chapter as questions are directly asked on national symbols. Last year also there were two questions on National symbols.

This chapter covers the executive part of the government alongwith rights and basic features of the Constitution. This chapter is helpful for revision of Polity for Prelims.

The topics and covered in short and to the point.

(BOOK) India Year Books : INDIA 2018, Bharat 2018

This chapter covers the programmes and policies related to agriculture in India, different agricultural sectors and recent initiatives. Read only the introduction part indian year book then move to new programmes and policies launched by GOI.


Rest will be covered in Economics so no need to read the whole chapter. Read about Cultural Indian year book mentioned in India Year Book but stick to those institutions which are covered in newspaper in past six months.

Read the Medical tourism topic also.

India Year Book Archives - IASbaba

This chapter covers the statistical institutions in India. Make notes indian year book organizations and reports published by them. This question can come in the form of match the following.


It can be ignored as it is helpful for Mains. During its final days, Orkut was sustained by IAS aspirants indian year book alone. On top of that fraud payed by coaching wallahs and online gurus help perpetuate the myth that is INDIA YEAR BOOK Now there are 4 options available with you Read the book from cover to cover or as coaching wallah and online gurus suggest, 1st reading only to highlight important stuff and then in 2nd reading highlighted stuff as well as notes making indian year book 3rd reading, only reading notes.

May god be with you! Buy any substandard summary of book from the market. Well, it will save time compared to option one but you would still get nothing out of that Read chapter 2 national symbols, chapter 4 agricultureglobal and regional security scenario from chapter 9, defence and last chapter diary of national events.

Some points to be considered while the reading the India year book is given below: The rest of the book can be indian year book even after the IAS indian year book result.