The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is the traditional systems development method used by most organizations today. The SDLC is a structured framework that consists of sequential processes by which information systems are developed. These processes, in turn, consist of well-defined tasks. The systems development life cycle (SDLC), also referred to as the application development life-cycle, is a term used in systems engineering, information systems and software engineering to describe a process for planning, creating, testing, and deploying an information system.‎Overview · ‎Phases · ‎Systems analysis and · ‎System lifecycle. Describe the motivation for a system development process in terms of the 1) use to develop and continuously improve information systems and software.


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Information Systems/Systems Development - Wikiversity

In that case, the first business information information systems development implementation cycle cost is not the original 5 nor the 2.

The overall life cycle unit quantity becomes 39, that is, 6.


Clearly, these savings are costly indeed. For a real impact, the savings must be made to the 4x component that is, Detailed Design, …Training.

What is Information Systems Development (ISD)

But can it be done? Yes, and this has been standard best practice for the data-driven Clarion community for the past 20 years.


The steps for a quality business information system generator approach are these: Once the production version is created, there are the evolution and maintenance cycles. The code-generator approach dramatically affects maintenance as well. There were three reasons cited earlier information systems development cause maintenance to either remain level or take more time under the traditional approach.

In contrast to the traditional maintenance approach, under information systems development quality business information system generator approach, many of the first type of evolution and maintenance problems are eliminated outright.

Quality business information system generators operate at a meta-design level. The actual program code is information systems development from this meta-design level. Changes are made at the meta-design level as well.

Chapter Information Systems Development – Information Systems for Business and Beyond

So, once the changes are made, the ultimate code is regenerated. Finally, the third type of evolution and maintenance problem largely disappears because information systems development are four or more design iterations before first implementation.

The five cycles of maintenance caused by an immature design are eliminated because information systems development design has matured through prototyping before it is implemented. Summary There is no down-side to the adoption of this 9-step approach.

The overall information technology organization and the functional organizations that are supported by this approach are more productive, less costly, higher quality, and lower risk because more work is done in a non-redundant, integrated manner.

More work products are able to information systems development re-used because they are created with re-use in mind, stored in a metadata format, and reside in a multiple-user Metabase that has an enterprise-wide perspective.

Data semantics are able to be harmonized which eliminates whole classes of data transformation and reloading business information systems and logic.

Again, there is no downside to adoption provided doing more faster at a lower cost and lower risk are the objectives. Army uses information systems development starter slide for many of its briefings.

Information Systems Development |

As stated many times, there is no downside to this approach. Define once, use many-times.

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Bottom Line Up Front. It is hoped that careful consideration will be given to this approach and that it will be applied to bring about some reality to the myth of data processing. That is, all things information systems development a blink of an eye.