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Leyburn summarizes this chaotic era in Haitian history.

The other fourteen were deposed by revolution after incumbencies ranging in length from three months to twelve years. The overthrow of a government usually degenerated into a business venture, with foreign merchants—frequently Germans—initially funding a rebellion in the expectation of a substantial return after its success.

The weakness of Haitian governments of the instability politique en haiti and the potential profits to be gained from supporting a corrupt leader made such investments attractive.


It was restive and rebellious Dominicans, rather than Haitians, who struck one of the more telling blows against this leader.

Unprofessional and undisciplined Haitian forces in the east, unprepared for a significant uprising, capitulated to the rebels.

Decades of Instability, - Traveling Haiti

Discontent among black rural cultivators, which had flared instability politique en haiti periodically under Boyer, re-emerged in and led to greater change. Bands of ragged piquets a term derived from the word for the pikes they brandishedunder the leadership of a instability politique en haiti, former army officer named Louis Jean-Jacques Acaau, rampaged through the south.

The piquets who were capable of articulating a political position demanded an end to mulatto rule and the election of a black president. Soulouque [second from left] displayed a Machiavellian taste for power. During this period, two exceptions to the pattern of abbreviated rule were Faustin Soulouque and Fabre Nicolas Geffrard Soulouque, a black general of no particular distinction, was considered just another understudy when he was tapped by the legislature as a compromise between competing factions.


Once in office, however, he displayed a Machiavellian taste for power. He purged the military high command, established a secret police force—known as the zinglins—to keep dissenters in line, and eliminated mulatto opponents.

Soulouque, like Boyer, enjoyed a comparatively long period of power that yielded little of value to his country. The Dominicans turned back his first foray in instability politique en haiti he reached Santo Domingo.

Another invasion in proved even less successful. Failed campaigns in and in fueled mounting discontent among the military; a revolt led by Geffrard, who had led a contingent in the Dominican campaign, forced the emperor out of power in Martelly installed Evans Paul as prime minister ibid.

The OPL stated that it was in favour of this appointment without ratification by Parliament ibid. On 13 Marchthe Associated Press AP stated that elections were instability politique en haiti to take place in Haiti on 9 August to elect members of the Senate and of the Chamber of Deputies and then on 25 October to elect the president of the country and the local representatives AP 13 Mar.

The same source stated that the POHDH has no files concerning OPL members, instability politique en haiti [translation] "[that] some OPL members have been victims of generalized violence" and that "the police does not intervene in attacks on offices of political parties and NGOs" ibid.

According to that same source, the men are suspected of being government supporters ibid.

One of the meeting participants was injured ibid. When the participants called the police, they were told that no one could go and help them because the police officers did not have enough gas [for the trip] ibid.

Subsequently, a police vehicle appeared at the meeting venue to escort participants home ibid.