Contents 1. Identification Particulars 2. Mission Statement 3. Overview of the Company Introduction Cornerstone Vision, Objectives and Values. SAHARA SECURITY & MANPOWER SERVICES the name itself is a gateway to provision of effective and dynamic security service establishes to serve the. Through the provision of unrivaled quality commercial security services to businesses operating in the public and private sectors, OM Security.


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Being a fully independent company provides us with the attitudes to make prompt decisions that are client suiting. Working in team, Encourage, Motivate, Teach and guiding each other has brought us success and a sense of belonging to all the team members.

We aim to continue growing as we have been given a market share, to nurture our team to professional maturity and to offer a service that is trend it security company profile.


Due to it security company profile concern we operate an open door it security company profile where our clients are encouraged to contact Senior Management, we also realize the need to make surprise visit to the site that we provide security in order to keep our personnel alert and on their toes.

All staff undergoes initial three months probation, earning the industry minimum wage. Acceptable performance is considered sufficient reason to undertake further three months probation, at a supplemented wage, whereupon performance in the field is evaluated and the member appointed to staff at full pay and benefits 3.

Notwithstanding, training is a function of the specific site requirements and our personnel are equipped according it security company profile these requirements. Where necessary we use a unique recruitment and selection system where we make use of the services of our contracted specialist psychologist who undertake detailed and exhaustive evaluation of all candidates prior to them being employed.

Company Profile - TKN Security | Your Security, Our Priority

The selection process makes use of a uniquely designed integrity evaluation, which we have found to be extremely efficient in rooting our undesirable candidates before they commence work. We are committed to Employment Equity Act and will strive to: Policy on Affirmative Action and Staff Development Our policy with respect to staff development is to implement affirmative action within the parameters of affirmative education and affirmative leadership which we believe is a model of development which goes beyond appointing on it security company profile basis of colour in order to meet social or legislated benchmarks with complete disregard for human dignity and ambition.

We appreciate that our major challenge is going to be growing to our existing employees so that as the company grows so they be able to move it security company profile into the senior positions.

To this end we have set the following strategy: It security company profile have determined that training and development of our members is a critical success factor and engaged the services of a professional trainer on a consultancy basis to co- ordinate and manage our personnel development program.

We are Systems Integrators, consultants, trainers, evaluators and researchers; assisting organisations to employ effective security solutions so it security company profile to minimise crime against people, assets and intellectual property; and therefore reduce the financial impact on business.

Our Experience Our experience has been accumulated over decades in designing, installing and monitoring customised security solutions; this means that our clients can always expect an exceptional level of service and expertise. Our employment infrastructure and quality control procedures ensure that we only employ the highest calibre of staff.

The recruited personnel are put through extensive training and only they are deployed on duty.

Company Profile - TKN Security | Your Security, Our Priority

Central Staff Our staff at headquarters consists of experienced officers, JCO's and even well trained security guards, We have a well knit team of our field staff who always put in co-ordinates efforts in supervising the security staff performing there duties.

It security company profile carry out checking during day and night and maintain discipline to the entire satisfaction of our clients. They even carry out on-the-job training. Our staff remains always in touch with our clients and we also sent a written report in this connection, if required.

The sense of discipline is installed into our security men. It is elating to note that there has never it security company profile any incident involving indiscipline in our cops. This itself speaks volumes about the discipline and integrity on high our cops are always smartly turned out.

They are not permitted to join any union.


They do not accept hospitality.