The father of WingTsun in Europe and head and founder of the EWTO, Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht discovered his fascination for the martial arts and. Keith R. Kernspecht Keith Ronald Graf von Rothenburg Kernspecht, better known as Keith R. Kernspecht (born 28 June in Grömitz), is a German martial. You can by this DVD at or download it at This.


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Keith R. Kernspecht - Wikipedia

You are only entitled to use the legal right of self-defence if you are quite clearly the one being attacked.

But since the aim is to protect your own life in the final analysis, I keith r kernspecht only give you my recommendations. You can and must set your own priorities yourself. What is more, the programme combines the most keith r kernspecht techniques of all.

Since we are talking about self-defence in an emergency, i. The experience gained from 30 years of teaching has shown me that a beginner can rarely carry out the protective forward step keith r kernspecht enough.

Instead I immediately teach beginners the forward stance with the bodyweight on the rear leg. In the 1st programme, i.

WingTsun Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht | WingTsun-World - The Magazine of the EWTO

This is because two or three months are not enough for the beginner to develop the necessary punching power using the keith r kernspecht whiplash technique of WT.

But instead of the palm-strike I prefer the BEGINNER to use the punch from the 8th section of the wooden dummy form not shownas it takes many years of hard training to achieve a corresponding effect with an open palm.

And because only very advanced WT students who have trained intensively for keith r kernspecht years can develop enough power without first drawing back, I teach beginners to obtain their power by using the hips and the upper body as e.

How do these new programmes differ from the old ones? We have adapted our training to the changed requirements of the present day.


This includes an emphasis on the guiding principle of WingTsun, namely that attack is the best form of defence. A fact that defence and sparring-minded WT students all too often forget.


Of course I am pleased to have students who have read my book so thoroughly that they now confront me with my own pronouncements. My experience and that of most instructors has shown that while the beginner is soon fascinated by the logical principles, he needs clear instructions keith r kernspecht stances and techniques at first.

In GM Kernspecht, who had meanwhile become an honorary keith r kernspecht of the University's academic council, was awarded an honorary professorship by the Sports Academy in Sofia.

Interview with Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht about BlitzDefence

In GM Kernspecht passed the highest state examination for a full doctorate. Although Kernspecht teaches almost every day of the week, he still keith r kernspecht time for international activities in support of the martial arts.

For example, he is working on a personal research project whose purpose is to find alternative ways of "defusing potentially violent situations".

Moreover, this research keith r kernspecht far from being mere theory.

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It has demonstrably proved its worth keith r kernspecht the day-to-day work of the elite European police units to which he is a permanent consultant. In his books "BlitzDefence — Keith r kernspecht is the best defence", "The last shall be first" and the "Fightlogic" volumes, Kernspecht now also makes it possible for interested laymen to benefit from his knowledge about violence prevention.

Kernspecht is also a member of international associations of university teachers who are also martial arts instructors.