L'aventure Ambiguë De Cheikh Hamidou Kane [Ambigue] has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: 95 pages. L'aventure Ambigue [Cheikh Hamidou Kane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. L'Aventure ambiguë is a novel by Senegalese author Cheikh Hamidou Kane, first published in , about the interactions of western and African cultures.


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Having written bitter novels indicting L aventure ambigue racism, Wright was now trying to create a literary space through which he could translate and articulate his post-racial idealism. The story unfolds in colonial times and we first meet Samba Diallo as a young man caught between two axiological systems.

When Samba Diallo migrates to Paris to pursue his studies in philosophy he ends up voicing scepticism about his identity. As displaced individuals, both characters are struggling to make sense of the materialistic ethics of Western society.

This may account for their interest in philosophy though their constant involvement with metaphysical l aventure ambigue deepens their existential wounds, leaving l aventure ambigue with the tragic sense of nothingness. Indeed, the insight they acquire from their spiritual search does not open any doors to them other than those of solitude and dereliction.

In Paris, he explains to his friends: I have become the two.

L'Aventure Ambigue (Book, ) []

There is not a clear mind deciding between the two factors of a choice. There is a strange nature in distress over not being two. While Senghor emphasizes l aventure ambigue richness of the mongrelized self, Cheikh H.

Kane attempts to bring into the open its dark side.


But such a space proves perilous and unstable as Samba Diallo realizes: Samba Diallo goes on to meditate on the fate awaiting the postcolonial intellectual: It may be that we shall be captured at the end of our itinerary, vanquished by l aventure ambigue adventure itself.

It suddenly occurs to us that, all along the road, we have not ceased to metamorphose ourselves, and we see ourselves l aventure ambigue than what we were. Sometimes the metamorphosis is not even finished.


We have turned ourselves into hybrids, and there we are left. Then we hide ourselves filled with shame. After miraculously surviving a subway accident in L aventure ambigue, Cross chooses a marginal l aventure ambigue before turning himself into a nihilistic criminal.

Indeed, Cross is given the chance to start from scratch. Once in Harlem, he visits a cemetery to select a name from a tomb.

L'Aventure Ambigue

Both men engage l aventure ambigue a long philosophical conversation about the l aventure ambigue of the Negro in American society. And when Cross Damon later commits a double manslaughter, Elly Houston is asked to investigate the crime. It does take him long to realize that the potential killer Cross Damon is a nihilist who lives in an isolated moral and metaphysical space: