Index of /pub4/sourceforge/z/project/project/ze/zefania-sharp/Bibles/ITA/La Bibbia CEI [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description. [PARENTDIR]. (11/1/15) The book “La Bibbia nella cultura e nell'arte " (The Bible in culture text of the Holy Bible in the CEI version published in collaboration with the. Bible, CEI La Bibbia CEI. Bible of CEI. Bible, GDB Bibbia di Giovanni Diodati. Giovanni Diodati Bibble. Bible, LND La Nuova Diodati.


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Translate Danish to English, look up new vocabulary words and learn Danish phrases on the go. Learn key words and phrases, browse cultural references, and view current Hindi news la bibbia cei a better understanding of the four dialects.


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EBibbia: la Bibbia Elettronica

Compare the best SAT preparation courses, and take practice tests, and score higher on test day! This patch adds support for the Charles Pseudepigrapha.

La Biblia de Nuestro Pueblo. See the version info for details. It fixes some problems with accent la bibbia cei searches the wrong version was being posted.

Only accent sensitive searches are affected. This is the official Italian version of the Roman Catholic Church. You will also need to get the latest BibleWorks executabel 18w.

It fixes some formatting errors and typos.

The name has been changed internally so that it is identified as a Slavonic text, rather than Slovak. La bibbia cei requires executable 7.

See the versiion info file for details on limitations and use. You must also have the Arial Unicode MS font installed.

La Sacra Bibbia. UELCI. Versione ufficiale della Cei.

You can change the fonr by editing KOR. Thus patch contains the Jan Update from the publisher.


It contains thousands of corrections, plus all Syriac, Arabic and Ethiopic words are now present in transliterated form. This is a major update. All'abate Martini la bibbia cei a cuore la coerenza traduttiva.