SQL Server R2 Menu Item If you have SQL Server installed, there is a good chance that you already have SSMS installed. The easiest. Whether you need to learn SQL Server database administration, programming, . Our SQL Server /R2 Integration Services is a comprehensive A-Z course. The instance name of SQL Server is in parenthesis inline with SQL In this case, I have two instances installed: SQLExpress and SQL


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In fact, you should view this page to familiarize yourself with the various types of metadata and this page on how you should access the metadata i.

Basic Metadata Queries The simplicity and flexibility of querying object catalog views enables even users with minimal SQL knowledge to explore objects and relationships in a database remarkably well.

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Learn sql server 2008 r2 me to demonstrate why metadata is useful to developers with a quick example. For those interested in following along, please note that I am using SQL Server Express Edition and the AdventureWorks sample database both are completely free.

Pretend that you are a new employee of the fictional company, Adventure Works Cycles.

Microsoft SQL Server Metadata For Developers - Simple Programmer

Understanding the basics about SQL Server metadata makes that easy. Since you are aware of [sys].

Here is the result set: Metadata is for more than just writing basic ad hoc queries. Consider the opportunities to make incredibly complex queries to answer extremely difficult or time-consuming questions. For example, how many duplicate indexes exist in a given database?

Popular Microsoft SQL Server training

What types of indexes are they? Familiarity with metadata, especially via catalog views and dynamic management views DMVsis extraordinarily valuable regardless of your current T-SQL skill level.


But there will be other times where you may have to use SQL Server Authentication with a user name and password. Security will be discussed more in a future video. And the best way to explore is to right-click on the various nodes in the tree.

I find that this type of exploration can give you a sense of the capabilities of a tool before you ever start formally learning through other sources. Here is a very simplified list of tasks you can try from here: Click New installation or add features to an existing installation and you'll see the License Terms dialog as shown below: Click the I accept the license terms checkbox then you'll see the Feature Selection dialog as shown below: Learn sql server 2008 r2 almost Idiot's Guide but written to provide a similar quick primer for SQL Server users and also just as a parallel exercise in mirroring the camps.

Think of it as a big welcome to the new kid on the learn sql server 2008 r2 who is an old family friend.

SQL Server Express

SQL Server Express is allowed for both non-hoster commercial and private use. Please note that the spatial functionality in the SQL Server Express family is just as good as in learn sql server 2008 r2 Standard and Enterprise versions with the limitation on database size, mirroring, partitioning and some other minor things which are not spatial specific.

If you don't have Studio or Express Studio already, we highly suggest using at a minimum this one. Some gotchas before we start: