I recently worked on a small electronics project for our office. The project would require the use of OpenCV's python module on an Intel Galileo. creating a Linux container based security enhanced IoT platform? (2) Can .. [20], the Edison compute module [21] and the Galileo board [22] from Intel are. From Ptolemy to Galileo to Einstein, Galileo computing open books linux system the books that brought the heavens down to earth. Rare Books Classroom.


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As opposed to Raspberry Pi, which is a small Linux computer, Arduino is an integrated platform with hardware, software, a development environment, and documentation.

Linux* Examples for Intel® Galileo Boards

Applications have included home security systems, robotics, and 3D printers, as well as inventory management and scanners. The linux galileo computing developer profile for BeagleBone Black is a Web developer looking to add actuators and physical sensors for capabilities like touch and temperature.

Galileo Gen 2 itself runs Linux. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, this is the world of the Stream Tone.

How to Connect an Intel® Galileo Board to Linux*

A world that does not exist in some far off future; this could be, figuratively speaking, our world linux galileo computing mere five minutes from now. All that is needed to make it a reality is the creative convergence of certain technologies that are already available and in use today.

The Galileo linux galileo computing into the third category. Although it is the lowest level in the Arduino ecosystem, it still means that Galileo boards can be programmed using the official Arduino IDE, bought on the Arduino online shop and is compatible with Arduino peripherals such as shields.

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  • The STREAM TONE: The Future of Personal Computing? - T. Gilling - Google Knjige
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Usage[ edit ] The essential feature of development linux galileo computing like the Galileo is the ability to create custom projects. Thanks to the open source nature of the Galileo and the Arduino ecosystem in generalinstructions to various projects can be found online.


A burglar alarmwhich requires a Galileo, a buzzer and a linux galileo computing sensor. A simple weather station using a Galileo and a DHT11 sensor which measures temperature and humidity.

The Sigma Reading Watch. This advanced project combines a Galileo Gen 2, linux galileo computing and 3-D printing to create a wearable e-reader. Greeny the Smart Greenhouse is also a more advanced project.

A Galileo Gen 2, an Arduino Uno, various electronic components, lamps, a water pump and an acrylic box are used to build an automated, remotely monitored mini greenhouse.