Start by marking “Mafarka the Futurist” as Want to Read: Mafarka le futuriste, son premier roman, met en scène une sorte de surhomme mécanique et ailé, qui s'envole vers le soleil. Filippo Tommaso Emilio Marinetti was an Italian ideologue, poet, editor, and founder of the. Mafarka the futurist: An African novel [Filippo Tommaso Marinetti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Your online bookstore—millions of USED books at bargain prices. Super selection, low prices and great service. Free shipping. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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Mafarka the Futurist by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Eager to depart from the decadent canon represented by D'Annunzio or Sartorio, the author vocally rejected women and their veneration as a suitable subject mat Reading the reviews below, I thought I should overcome my disappointment at this book to point one or two things to prospective readers: Eager to depart from the decadent canon represented by D'Annunzio or Sartorio, the author vocally rejected women and their veneration as a suitable subject matter for avant-garde art.

The concern with unity and coherence characteristic of those movements lead them to translate their disregard for traditional mafarka the futurist figures of art love poetry, nude paintings, etc.

It comes therefore as no surprise to find in the titular Mafarka's struggles a vociferous rejection of the "debilitating" and pacifying effects of romantic love, and of what Marinetti conceives as its only harbinger: A closer examination of the futurist corpus and history, as well as quick survey of mafarka the futurist feminist histories concerned with the movement, will reveal a much more complex and ambivalent position.

Mafarka the futurist keep it short and sweet I will stick to Lucia Re's excellent reading here taken from her essay mafarka the futurist Benedetta Cappa, "Impure Abstraction: Benedetta as visual artist and novelist" but there is a wealth of litterature on the issue most notably Barbara Spackmann and Cinzia Blum-Santini: The first futurism between and to which Mafarka clearly belongs, despite blatant and brutal misogyny, later attracted many women, and many feminitsts among those.

This Re identifies as a resulting from its rejection of women as a subject of representation, and its ultra-virilist mafarka the futurist on homo-sociality and masculine bodies.

Freed from the male gaze women in futurism in particular, and in the avant-gardes in general, where no longer committed to objectification and otherness, as they were in pure abstraction or in symbolist painting for example, and could become actors and producers of art.

Mafarka the futurist

I would add that Marinetti's love for the grotesque see his "Roi Bombance" must be understood as mitigating his pronouncements, as should the performative character of his movement.

Paradoxically, futurism had many progressive effects on Italian society, before its insecure attention-seeking left it but a rotting puppet in the hands of the Fascist regime.

The liberation of woman as an artist, the collapsing of the frontier between popular and high culture, or the recognition of the public sphere as a space for mafarka the futurist, are but a few examples.

Unfortunately, all those qualities do not suffice to make Mafarka a worthwhile read: I really wanted to love the book, but there mafarka the futurist rather little to salvage here.

Mafarka the Futurist - Wikidata

As Re mentions, futurist stylistic devices prove more suited to poetry or short prose than to long mafarka the futurist constructed fictions like novels.

There, boisterous emptiness of many futurist proclamations is generally mitigated by their social, political or cultural context.

Here, Marinetti abstracted his tale by placing it in some orientalist wet-dream, which leaves his reader with little of interest save for the monolithic, obsessional, bumptious portrayal of a theme that was by then already old and treated much better elsewhere: English speaking readers are privileged to have such a fine translation with notes available of an unfortunately obscure piece of literature.

I suspect the bulk of negative reviews are from people who, much like a previous poster admitted, mafarka the futurist actually read Mafarka the Futurist.


It's a shame too, as they're missing out on an entertaining and important piece mafarka the futurist literature from a significant historic figure, no lessmarginalized b Mafarka the Futurist has been my favorite novel for years. It's a shame too, as they're missing out on an entertaining and important piece of literature from a significant historic figure, mafarka the futurist lessmarginalized by contemporary critics and modern historians.

Mafarka is as shocking as it is hysterical.

Mafarka the Futurist

Marinetti leaves little to the imagination with his sometimes unorthodox prose though Mafarka contains a mafarka the futurist more tradition narrative and overall style than many of his later works.

The frank depiction of violence and debauchery in his heavily stylized turn of the century Egypt may be off-putting to modern readers accustomed to the sensitivity of modern writers - ironic, as Marinetti himself always considered his work exemplative of the artistic future of the world.

That being said, it's a unique and highly entertaining romp through mafarka the futurist world unlike our own, perhaps unlike anyone's but the denizens of Marinetti's mind.