The focus of this thesis is on the development of control systems for nano- positioning actuators using magnetostrictive materials. Learn more about the Thick-film magnetostrictive actuators for MEMS Research Programme within Electronics & Computer Science at the University of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Magnetostrictive Actuators | Engineers have found that it is possible to develop a simple, highly-reliable.


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Current applications for magnetostrictive devices include ultrasonic cleaners, high force linear motors, positioners for adaptive magnetostrictive actuators, active vibration or noise control systems, medical and industrial ultrasonics, pumps, and sonar. In addition, magnetostrictive magnetostrictive actuators motors, reaction mass actuators, and tuned vibration absorbers have been designed, while less obvious applications include high cycle accelerated fatigue test stands, mine detection, hearing aids, razor blade sharpeners, and seismic sources.

However, they are less commonly used than other smart materials such as piezoceramics due to their highly nonlinear and hysteretic behaviour.

It is necessary to arrive at an accurate model which can predict the material response at any magnetic field and load condition. Meaning, traditional mechanical devices magnetostrictive actuators be magnetostrictive actuators by electro-mechanical devices that benefit from magnetostrictive materials.


magnetostrictive actuators This will usher in a new era in actuator and sensor technology. Since different crystal directions are associated with different lengths this effect induces a strain in the material.

Two other effects are thus related to magnetostriction: On magnetization, a magnetic material undergoes changes in volume which are small: The program is an effort to use smart materials to adjust or fine-tune magnetostrictive actuators shape of the airfoil cross section of an aircraft wing in flight, reduce aerodynamic drag, boost payload capacity, cut fuel use, and improve maneuverability.

Magnetostrictive Transducers, Actuators, and Sensors @ ISU

The magnetostrictive actuators of these compact, low-voltage motors will offer advantages in applications in which high-force, extended-stroke, high-precision, and fail-safe-operating characteristics are required, according to G.

Other military uses might include the positioning of trim tabs on aircraft, helicopters, and submarines as well as the operation of cargo latches. Civilian applications could extend over a range of industries including paper production, medical dispensing the controlled delivery of fluids magnetostrictive actuators, automotive accessories such as sunroofs, and automotive brake systems.

All applications should benefit from higher efficiency, reduced maintenance, and safer solutions, Weisensel said.

The combination of thick-film and silicon technologies will therefore lead to a powerful and economic solution for new types of MEMS actuator.