plant, genus Mandragora. Alternative Title: Mandragora Mandrake, (genus Mandragora), genus of six species of hallucinogenic plants in the. Mandragora officinarum: mandrake: The best-known species, Mandragora officinarum, has long been known for its poisonous properties. In ancient times it was. A mandrake is the root of a plant, historically derived either from plants of the genus Mandragora found in the Mediterranean region, or from other species, such  ‎Toxicity · ‎Folklore · ‎In the Bible · ‎Magic and witchcraft.


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Mandrake - Wikipedia

In ancient times mandragora planta was used as a narcotic and an aphrodisiacand it was also believed to have certain magical powers. Its root was thought to be in the power of dark earth spirits.

They are succeeded by a smooth, round fruit, about mandragora planta large as a small apple, of a deep yellow color when ripe, full of pulp and with a strong, apple-like scent.


In recent times, the seed of the plant was brought to South India, by some plant lovers. The stamens are shorter than the petals, joined to the floral tube towards the base. mandragora planta

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The ovary has two chambers locules. On this view, the main Mediterranean species is M. They thus include M.

More than 80 substances have been identified; their paper gives the detailed chemical structure of 37 of them. Alkaloids present in the fresh plant or the dried root included atropinehyoscyaminescopolamine hyoscinescopinecuscohygrineapoatropine3-alpha-tigloyloxytropane3-alpha,6-beta-ditigloyloxytropane and belladonnines.

Leah gives mandragora planta the plant to her barren sister, but soon after this Mandragora planta Only years after this episode of her asking for the mandrakes did Rachel manage to become pregnant.

Mandragora officinarum - Wikipedia

Then Rachel said to Leah, Give mandragora planta, I pray thee, of thy son's mandrakes. And Rachel said, Therefore he shall lie with thee to night for thy son's mandrakes. The fruit is about the size of a small apple, with a strong apple-like scent[4].

Mandragora planta is advised in the use of this fruit, it is quite possibly poisonous[K].

Mandragora officinarum

Medicinal Uses Plants For A Future can mandragora planta take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.

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Mandrake has a long history of medicinal use, though superstition has played a large part in the uses it has been applied to. It is rarely prescribed in modern herbalism[], though it contains hyoscine which is the standard pre-operative medication given to soothe patients and reduce bronchial secretions[].

Jackson and Berry were unable to find any differences in the mandragora planta of these chemicals between Mandragora autumnalis and Mandragora officinarum using the broader definition of M.

Alkaloids present included hyoscyaminehyoscinecuscohygrineapoatropinemandragora planta3-alpha,6-beta-ditigloyloxytropane and belladonnine.