With a total route length of over km, the London Underground is among the The Metropolitan Line persists on the London Underground map (although. The Alternative London Tourist Attractions Map will show you all sorts of interesting sights in London that If nothing else, London is a dichotomy of adjectives. A. B. C. D. E. F. Transport for London. MAYOR OF LONDON. Transport for London. This diagram is an evolution of the original design conceived in by.


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Free London travel maps

Already in the first tunnel was opened in the city centre for a rail line between Paddington originally called Bishops Rd and Farringdon although trains of the Metropolitan Railway were operated initially with steam engines.

In the following decades the line was extended east and west, and reached Hammersmith inSouth Kensington inAldgate inand Tower of London in A northwestern branch was opened from Baker Street to Swiss Cottage in which was later extended in stages as far as Chesham by The entire circle was finished in with the Mansion House - Tower section.

The District was also extended at both ends during the following decades and served Hammersmith mapa de londresRichmond inEaling Broadway in and Mapa de londres in This first line was so successful that very quickly a large network of underground and surface lines was built.


Mapa de londres was the first underground line in the world using electric traction. From onwards, the Metropolitan and the District Railways began electrifying all their lines. Later, in the s, the Victoria Line was an important addition to the network. Eventually the Jubilee Line complemented the current system in time for the Millennium celebrations.

While the expansion of the underground network almost came to a stop in the s, a light rail system was built for the new housing developments in the former docklands area, the Docklands Light Railway, which was expanded underground under the River Thames to Mapa de londres and Lewisham opened 20 Nov except Cutty Sark station.

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Mapa de londres South London, around Croydon, a modern tram network was built which runs on street level in downtown Croydon and on old BR tracks on outer routes.

The system opened for traffic in summer In construction work for the south-east extension of the Jubilee Line began.

The service was removed when the line closed to passengers in In November it was taken over by London Overground and changed to an mapa de londres double stripe. The semi-orbital route originally ran from Richmond to Broad Streetthen Richmond to North Woolwich ; mapa de londres the line runs from Richmond to Stratford.

It later appeared as the Great Northern and City section of the Metropolitan Railway and then, from the late s as part of the Northern line.


The service was transferred to British Rail in and continued to appear until recently. Thameslink reopened inthe line having mapa de londres closed for many years.


Its appearance on Tube maps has been intermittent, having mapa de londres omitted from some map editions over the years. Tramlink shown in as London Trams was included in the map from June When Transport for London expanded its London Overground service to include the East London Line inthe East London mapa de londres extended to Croydon changed from a solid orange line to a double orange stripe.

According to proposals, the addition of the South London Line to London Overground was due to add the southern loop onto future tube maps in late[27] and, as of Maymapa de londres is mapa de londres and running. Underground lines on geographically accurate maps[ edit ] Because the Tube map ignores geography, it does not accurately depict the relative orientation and distance between stations.

Those traveling from Bank Station to Mansion House on the Underground would, based on the map, mapa de londres the Central Line to Liverpool Streetchange to the Circle Line, travel five more stops, and arrive at a station that is feet away from the start of the trip.

Interactive Map of London Tourist Attractions | The London Helicopter

Internet mapping services e. Google Maps offer a "Transit Layer" showing actual routes superimposed on the standard street map.

Locations of mapa de londres and stations are not geographically accurate. The 'look' of the Mapa de londres Underground map including 45 degree angles, evenly spaced 'stations', and some geographic distortion has been emulated by many other subway systems around the world.

What is probably the earliest example is the Sydney Suburban and City Underground railway map of Not only does it follow Beck's styling cues, but in size, design and layout it is a near-clone to the London map of the late s, right down to the use of the Underground roundel.

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Tube and rail lines are not included, but interchanges are denoted with appropriate symbols by bus stop names, such as the Tube roundel. Unlike the traditional Tube map, the bus mapa de londres display services appropriate to specific transport hubs rather than a full network.