I have two microsoft accounts, I want to move all my onedrive and onenote files from one account to the other one, is that possible? If so, how? Some know if is possible to merge different files Onenote. OneNote offers an easy way to merge two notebook sections, you don't have. You can always share with other onedrive users, but looks like you don't want to keep them on your original account. Here is a possible way of.


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Merge two notebooks onenote not aware of anything which can remove duplicate content in OneNote. I came across a useful add-in that merges pages but what I really need is something that will allow me to merge two entire notebooks and, ideally, remove duplicates.

Is there an easy way to do this?

To quickly return to the previous page merge two notebooks onenote you click a hyperlink, click Back on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Click the top edge of the note container that you want to move, and then drag the merge two notebooks onenote to a new location on the page. To move a paragraph, move the pointer over the paragraph handle until the pointer becomes a four-headed arrow, and then drag the paragraph to its new location on the page.

Merging folders or entire notebooks

If merge two notebooks onenote paragraph that you move contains indented paragraphs, the indented paragraphs are moved with the selected paragraph. To select only the top paragraph, click its handle again. By default, note containers and other items on a page snap to an invisible grid merge two notebooks onenote they are moved around on the page.

This makes it easier to line up note containers, images, and other elements on the page. You can override this setting temporarily by holding down ALT while you drag a note container. Work with sections In some three-ring binders, notes are organized into sections by tabbed dividers that each can be labeled by a different subject or topic.


In OneNote, the tabs across merge two notebooks onenote top of the current page represent the sections merge two notebooks onenote any folders in the notebook that is currently open.

Right-click any existing section tab and choose New Section on the shortcut menu. Move a section As notebooks grow in size, you might want to change the order of the section tabs. To quickly move a section tab to a new location in the current notebook, do one of the following: At the top of the current page, click and drag a section tab to the left or right.

A small triangle appears to indicate the new location.

Is there a way to merge OneNote notebooks? | Microsoft Office Forums

Merging sections is faster than copying single pages from a section you plan to delete to merge two notebooks onenote new section that already contains pages. To merge two notebooks onenote sections, do the following: Right-click the section tab of the section you want to merge into another, and then select Merge into Another Section on the shortcut menu.

In the Merge Section dialog box that opens, click the name of the section into which you want to merge the current section. To merge the section with one in the current notebook, click its section tab.

Merge OneNote 2010 Notebooks

When you have clicked to select the target section you want, click the Merge button at the bottom of the dialog box. In the warning dialog box, click the Merge Sections button to merge the two sections or click Cancel to leave merge two notebooks onenote as they currently are.

Combining Multiple Sections into a Section Group As your notebook grows more large and complex over time, it might become cumbersome to quickly navigate between a large number of section tabs, especially when certain section tabs are ordered in such a way that makes scrolling between them time consuming.

Although you could split up a large notebook by moving some of its sections to a second notebook, you may prefer to keep all of your notes and information pertaining to a particular subject merge two notebooks onenote a single notebook. You can manage section clutter by organizing at least some of your sections into section groups, which let you group together one or more notebook sections that are then kept visually separate from the main navigation of your notebook.


You can think of section groups much like folders on your hard drive. Each folder can have multiple files in it or store additional folders that, in turn, contain another level of content. You merge two notebooks onenote give a meaningful name to each section group to remind you of that subset of notes that each section contains.